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Berlin, Germany 

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Phorms Bilingual School is a private school in Berlin-Mitte. In our nursery, primary and secondary school the students are taught in German and English using the immersion method.

We are proud to be able to offer our students a wide range of interesting activities to reveal and develop their talents at an early stage. From Year 3 in our primary school children can opt to study different elective subjects. Our afternoon programme also offers students an extensive and varied agenda. From Year 7 in our secondary school we provide a diverse choice of elective subjects in the areas of language and science. Phorms Bilingual School also supports children with special educational needs, who study in one class with the other children.





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18 other schools in Berlin

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Christa Schwarz, 12 months ago

Highly recommend this school. Our kids love going. It’s a very inclusive environment and all staff, starting from the principal to teachers to administration staff are incredible helpful and approachable. Everybody has an open ear and is friendly. Communications on all levels work perfect. We couldn’t be happier.


Levi Sacher, 2 years ago

I attend the Oberstufe of this school and have been part of it since grade 1. My english is basically on the level of any native english speaker. The best part about the school is easily how amazing the teachers are, people from all around the world that not only know more than any normal person could ever even dream of, but are also happy to share that knowledge with their students. School is actually something that I look forward to every single day, and really, what could be better than that, coming from a sixteen year old boy?


Edda Ostertag, 3 months ago

Very disappointing application process. Teacher and Erzieher seems to miss the basic ability how to make a visiting primary kid feel comfortable. On the other side very fast judgement of primary kids.Should your kid not match the the imagined standard profile don’t bother to apply! Non inclusive school!


Beny Yz, a month ago

Few weeks ago I just wanted to get some information about the kindergarten (kita) and went there. I went on purpose to see everyting from my own eyes. The lady there was not really willing to give some information and she was not nice. She did not really know details and called someone for details. If you sit there you should know the basic details and you can also read your own website which she recommended to me. I was on that day on vacation thus, was casually dressed. I think she wants to answer the questions of people that come there in a suit and upper class car. I must have also paid the maximum fee for the school but now your school is not among our choices....


Wenbing Li, 11 months ago

The head of kinder is not responsible and arrogant. If you are not German avoid sending your little ones there since she is very judgmental and quite rude. The turnover rate is very high as teachers were complaining how bad her management is.

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