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Chiang Mai, Thailand 

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2 to 17 English
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At Panyaden International School we teach our students that life is richer and deeper than working only to consume. We are proud to offer a holistic approach to education in Thailand, incorporating both the British curriculum and Buddhist principles to offer a well-rounded education at our International school in Chiang Mai.

We cater for preschool and kindergarten children, up to the level of a primary school in Thailand. Our international kindergarten and elementary school values the benefits of a bilingual education, which is why all our classes are taught 50/50 in English and Thai.

We are proud of our unique looking campus that is built with earth and bamboo, creating an eco-friendly and sustainable environment among the surrounding rice fields, and only a 15-minute drive from Chiang Mai city centre. Panyaden International School wholeheartedly believes that we are one of the best International schools Thailand has to offer.





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Julia Ott, a year ago

My son is attending the kindergarten since almost a year now. He loves it, even on weekends he is asking me to go to "school". Apart from school stuff he also learned to be a good person. He likes to share and cares about others and the environment, he developed great empathy and curiosity to learn new stuff. The school offers vegetarian food option and you can also get a school bus arranged. His Thai got so much better as well and so did his English.


Ashley Jon Pemberton, a year ago

Being at Panyaden School is real pleasure for the whole family. There is a wonderful mix of international and Thai bilingual teachers. The facilities are outstanding and your kids will receive academic excellence from a British education program. If you dare to be different then book in for a visit and you will soon see why this is the best school in Chiang Mai by miles.


Gabriel Francesch, a year ago

Our children have been attending Panyaden for a few months and absolutely love it. This is truly a unique place. The teachers are dedicated and the environment is exceptional.


Rory Cubby, 2 years ago

Panyaden has been a fantastic school for both our kids - with caring well-trained teachers and a beautiful, nurturing atmosphere, and a strong emphasis on caring for the environment. They are always looking to improve and innovate and I believe are quite strong academically, something that can't be said for all 'alternative' schools. Unique!


Nick Murray, 5 months ago

Without going into details, we have been very disappointed with this school, having our children there for 3 years now. We will not be returning for more after this year is over. The school is owned by an architect and a marketing specialist. Therefore you will only see articles about the construction of the bamboo buildings, not the education of the children. You will also only see images of preschool and kindergarten children. As the kids get older, the staff and faculty do not know how to handle it. The education is lacking and the behavior is out of control. Major violence issues, bullying, etc exist at this school. This is a recurring theme here. I feel obligated to say this as a parent of multiple children there. They fired 2 headmasters of the school within 6 months and there is currently nobody fulfilling the position. The faculty do not listen to the parents, and there is no board of directors to give input. It is their way or the highway. The food is atrocious and many children end up eating nothing but a bite of fruit for their meal (and bringing your own is strictly forbidden). Not everything you see on the internet is as it is in real life! Don't be fooled!

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