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Lisbon, Portugal 

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6 to 18 English
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In the midst of the uncertainty and doubt that affects our world today, Oeiras International School (OIS) believed it was important to create a welcoming environment where our children could be happy and stimulated to make the most of their capabilities, while at the same time, made aware of the ethical values that should govern life in modern society.

We want our students to be able to complete their education in the best higher education institutions the world has to offer if they so choose, irrespective of the area, and be better equipped to shine in an increasingly competitive world. At Oeiras International School, we believe that schools do not replace parents in their role of educating their children but instead schools only help in the process. We know that it is crucial that the school shares the same value system. We recognize the vital importance of having the school community deeply involved and committed in the everyday life of the school.

Oeiras International School aspires to achieve academic excellence that will open any door for our students.





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26 other schools in Lisbon

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Elisa, 15/11/2019 @ 21:45:33

My daughter studied in 2 British schools abroad, 10 years of her life. In 2014 enrolled in OIS and they were so good overall! She graduated and achieved so much. Always cherished, supported and kept her top grades.

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Leta Lazaridou , 15/11/2019 @ 19:51:57

The perfect environment for great education, constantly improving the facilities, new teaching stuff, good sports, great art and music classes... All a parent wants for his/hers children's education.

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Ryan Sagare, a year ago

Built in the 17th century this school has a lot of charm and history. It's tucked away in a quiet area of Oeiras. The staff I met were helpful, caring and knowledgable. From the outside looking in, it appears to be a wonderful place to learn and teach. The school offers the The International Baccalaureate for the Middle Years and Diploma Years.


Lillian Wang, 2 years ago

Awesome school, more like a zoo!!!


Hii Unicorns, 3 years ago

Eu adoro esta escola e ainda por cima a Ms Empis e os professores são muito simpáticos!!


Patrícia Simões, 3 years ago

Bom serviço.


Jorge Mendiondo, a year ago

Cuidado ao escolher essa escola, parecem ser bem atenciosos, porém tiveram a capacidade de inscrever minha filha no ano errado!!! e só descobrimos isso pouco antes de encerrar o periodo de inscrição em outras escolas, o pior de tudo é que além de não assumirem o erro, não fizeram nada para ajudar a resolver o problema, só ofereceram a opção de minha filha voltar um ano atrás.

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