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Norwegian International School is the most unique school in all of Hong Kong. True to the vision of its founding missionaries, NIS continues to nurture students’ character and academic development, building its foundation on Biblical principles and values. Upon spending time at NIS, you will discover a school that puts great importance in its community and the relationships between family, students, and teachers. With our small class sizes, students at NIS have a particularly close relationship with teachers, and teachers with parents. Each member of the school body is an integral part in helping our students become well-rounded individuals who will continue to grow in wisdom, integrity, and purpose. By building their knowledge, skills and character, and helping them to become internationally minded, our students will gain a greater understanding of the world around them and contribute to the success of the community in which they live – developing Christ-like values to become a people serving God and serving others. Norwegian International School grounds are a favourite amongst our students, families and guests. In this beautiful, green environment, students love playing together and interacting with the natural surroundings. This great space also serves as a vital part in students’ learning where they can be their curious selves and learn about God’s creation hands-on. We have the space for the wildest of art and the biggest of projects. The field is also home to many of our special school events we hold throughout the year. It brings us great joy seeing students and parents staying after school on the field enjoying a soccer game together or mothers chatting as their children climb on one of the many pieces of play equipment around Norwegian International School.





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45 other schools in Hong Kong

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Angela Chung, 4 months ago

A beautiful school that is within close proximity to the MTR. The school has a wonderful outdoor environment along with spacious classrooms and small class sizes too. Teachers are wonderfully caring, nurturing and genuine. I am happy and grateful to have NIS work closely with The Education University, giving opportunities for our students to experience such a wonderful school.


Maria Bakali, 3 months ago

Relocating from England to HK wasn't easy. But all the teachers were very supportive and helpful making my daughter's transition very smooth. She is a very happy girl going to school every day ready for learning and this is why I highly recommend this school.


Xi Wei, in the last week

Been a school tour. Need a lot of improvement as an international School.


Boring Frog, 5 months ago

Does not deserve any stars but had to put one in. ONE star for being being close to public transport. This is not a Norwegian school anymore as the Norwegians have left long time ago. The school doesn't even teach the language. They shouldn't even be using the name "Norwegian" as none of the teachers are in the Norwegian, nor do they speak the language. Agree with the comments about the teachers.


Glamyzie Levine, 6 months ago

TOTALLY AGREE with another reviewer! This school is an abosulte HELL! The teachers and headmistress are hypocrites! They act kind when the parents around.They are literally truly cold-hearted!!NOT WORTH A PENNY for unprofessional teachers and a lousy cramped campus! !!Shame on all the fake Christians!!!GOD will punish you all!!

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