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Accelerated socio-economic development of Kazakhstan in the early 21st century has caused an urgent need for professionals with a high level of technical, managerial and leadership competencies, so in 2008 year at the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev, a project of creation the Intellectual schools had been launched.

Intellectual Schools are called to become an experimental platform for the development, monitoring, research, analysis, approbation, introduction and implementation of modern models of educational programs by level: elementary school (including pre-school education and training), primary school and high school.

The existing requirements and standards of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan were not allowed to introduce at the appropriate level modern forms of governance in education, to implement innovative educational programs and research projects.

In this connection, to introduce the modern forms of governance in education, to develop an academic freedom and autonomy for the implementation of innovative educational programs and research projects, on 19 January 2011, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the status of" Nazarbayev University ", "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" and "Nazarbayev Fund" was adopted.

The given status implies a right to approve own educational curricula, establish requirements for entrance exams, ongoing monitoring of progress, interim and final certification and more. The principle of academic freedom will accelerate the development and approbation of new programs and the modernization of secondary education.

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5 Reviews of Nazarbayev Intellectual School (NIS)

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Tohid Alizadeh, 5 years ago

Nazarbayev Intellectual School attracts the best students of the country and prepares them for higher education.

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Ulan A Work and Travel (Work and Travel), 2 years ago

The Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS) are a network of schools for exceptional students of age 5 to 18 throughout Kazakhstan. The schools are named after Nursultan Nazarbayev, former president of Kazakhstan, who has promoted the idea as a means of developing the intellectual life of the country. Each school focuses primarily on a specific set of subjects: either physical sciences and mathematics, or chemical and biological sciences, as well as foreign languages. Instruction is trilingual, in Kazakh, Russian and English, shifting to exclusively English by the senior year

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どのように, 10 months ago

I want to study at this school, but postponed to an unknown date. They tell me that it seems like a good school with a higher education, but there will be stress in studies. If I do, I'll write another review.

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Acoder, 3 months ago

Pros: Got 7 Cons: by design A criterion (((((

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Ерлан Даулетов, 2 years ago

Family Council, we decided to try to enter the capital NIS. Being a moderately conservative person, and considering our expectations from NIS, I decided to visit the school in order to familiarize myself with the school atmosphere and find out the rules of admission, in person with the school staff. In the first "free" school they allowed only to the reception. There he received a response that can be summarized as “all information is available on the school’s website”. In the second "paid" school, to get to the experts failed. Security at the entrance, sent to the school administration. The school administration got a consultation with the director of the work with the contingent of students. Here is what I learned from her: First, to enter this school is almost impossible. Second: to enter this school, a child must be a “super child.” Third: her daughter also tried to enter the NIS and failed the exams. Fourth: but the nephew from Chimkent, was able to do. I recall the purpose of my visit to the NIS - to familiarize myself with the school atmosphere and the rules of admission. My impressions of the visit: 1. The culture of school personnel does not correspond to the status in which the school is trying to position itself. 2. Setting the requirements for admission to meet the level of "super-child", I would like to hope that the teachers correspond to the level of "super-teacher."

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