Lycée Louis Massignon Ecole Francaise Abu Dhabi (LLM)
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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

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2.4 from 5 reviews
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Ages Primary Language
3 to 18 French
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French Unknown

At Lycée Louis-Massignon (LLM), we make sure to support each student in acquiring knowledge, skills aimed at developing their personality and expressing potential. Critical mind, sense of effort and curiosity, multilingualism and openness to the world, autonomy and self-confidence in a multicultural context made of mutual recognition and respect are our core values. Welcoming nearly 1,800 students at the start of the 2017 school year, LLM has undertaken a vast expansion and renovation project.





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62 other schools in Abu Dhabi

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Awesome Kid, 3 weeks ago

this school is incredible and there system is very good and i wish i was at Massignon .


amharech souhail, a year ago

i like this school the only thing that is off now there is this new company for food that took place and the food i think and many students think it is bad and olso the education is kinda good but if u want to speak french english arabic and german or spanish this is the good scholl scholl to chose and olso its kinda expensive i mean it is but it is worth the money i mean that is my opionion but yeah go to the school and visite it and all and make ur desicion of studying there or not but me this year im in 5 A ITS 7 GRADE AND IT is AMAZINGGGGGG so yeeah by.BatWing Z


Raya Al Ameeri, 8 months ago

Extremely expensive fee. Many teachers and part of the Management, lack professionalism and don't take into consideration the culture of the UAE and of Muslim students


J P, a year ago

Very expensive fees for average education. Some teachers are totally unaware of essential aspects of the local culture, disrespectful and bias!


damouri ali, 7 months ago


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