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Lycée Français Saint Louis in Stockholm was established in 1959 and receives 698 pupils during the academic year 2019-2020 in the international part of the school, from CP to Terminale. These students, aged 6 to 18, follow the French curriculum, the same as in French schools in France. The younger children are received in a Swedish Preschool, which has no agreement with AEFE and which is attended by approximately 60 children. All students are taught Swedish from first grade and Swedish teaching continues in primary and secondary school. It gives the students the opportunity to transition to the local education system or to further their education in Sweden after obtaining their diploma. For a long time, the Lycée Français Saint Louis has obtained excellent exam results.

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5 Reviews of Lycée Français Saint Louis de Stockholm (LFSL)

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Mathilda Leet, 8 months ago

Dålig skola då jag själv gått i den, eleverna är otroligt trevliga och uppfostrade dock är inte lärarna det, för stränga och många som jobbar där är också det. Skolan har också mycket ekonomi problem. Lärarna gav mig extremt mycket ångest och jag vågade inte stå upp för mig själv. Man får också kvarsittning för ingenting typ, om man t.e.x kommer sent tre gånger får man kvarsittning i en timme och man slutar redan väldigt sent jämfört med andra svenska skolan mellan 16-17, man lär sig inte mycket svenska heller.

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steltried ., 6 months ago

I am going to write this long review in detail in english so that both the french and the swedish can more or less comprehend what I'm about to say. I would like to specify that I am a student and have not completed all my school years in this establishment,although I do think that the 10 months I've studied in here can summarize a brief description of the school itself, everything based on my overall experience and me comparing this place to another school taking part of the AEFE institution, being the one that I study in now . I will , however, not name it for obvious privacy reasons. I will also try not to base my point of view by the fact that I was also newly exposed to Sweden along with its culture and language, which could also have an impact on what I said since I did honestly feel a bit like an alien in there ,even if I am fluent in french and meet all the requirements to join in. Going to this school was, to me, an everyday nightmare. Compared to the school I'm in now, we learned absolutely nothing and stayed in class many more hours than we should have which was very tiring, staying from 8AM to 5-6PM usually for pointless reasons such as the teachers being absent every week and some not even teaching us the things that we should learn based on the grade we are in, a good example of this being our french teacher who thought us 1st grade level subjects such as the present and future tense , along with that , also giving us 'meditation hours' (we basically had to close our eyes and not do anything, the students were very happy that they could waste time so they pretended it's actually helpful by begging the teacher to do this every hour) instead of teaching us actual things , which seems very funny yet sad to me considering that we are all supposed to get a french high school diploma in a couple of years, and I'm still wondering how they're going to do it.There are,of course, exceptions, and in no means do I intend to say that all teachers acted in such a way.There were also very , very few but nice teachers who thought me a lot of things which I appreciate to this day. The students were very cold and mean and I also experienced getting bullied by them, I will not go too much into detail about this as their behaviour doesn't necessarily have to do with the school except for the fact that teachers here are really not taken seriously and they always seem very weak about it ,which also causes this way of behaving having even more power than it should have in the first place. I would also like to mention the cafeteria of the school , that I could consider terrible at best. I am not a picky eater by any means but the cheap, low quality of the food is so bad that I would often have to starve instead of eating or even puke the food that I attempted to consume just because of it being so hideous.It is honestly the worst canteen food I have ever ate, especially compared to the other french schools from other countries. The building of the school itself is also very old and filthy but that is just a minor detail of all.I would suggest placing better desks and chairs to keep up with other schools who look way better than this one and having more comfortable and practical supplies in the classes. Overall, I would really not reccomend attending this school as it's the worst I have ever been in. Even if I tried to be nice reviewing them ,it's really impossible for me to give it any more than one star (if I could, I would quite frankly put 0).

Google logoRating: 

Fil Dag, 8 months ago

Har gått där i nästan hela mitt liv och jag skulle inte rekommendera den här skolan. För att för det första så betalar man väldigt mycket för den här skolan men i ombyte så är lärarna ofta sjuka och just nu är jag i 9an(3eme) och vi kollar finding nemo i engelskan! Sen har skolan massa ekonomi problem så att dom måste inställa resor. Lärarna är inte heller så bra och man får kvarsittning för varenda liten sak, Här om dagen så tog någon med sig sin sparkcykel och rektorn tog den. Det värsta med skolan är att mobilerna är förbjudna även på rasten och att man slutar väldigt sent.

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Gust Dager, 12 months ago

Värsta skolan asså, har varit där hela mutt liv nu o ja vet int hur det lyckades att va så dåligt, dom delar ut kvarsittningar för ingen anledning o man får inte ens ha telefonen i skolgården för ingen anledning. Plus dom har ekonomi problem så dom ställer in massa resor och rektorns egen son fick int vara kvar i skolan för han rökte mm. så om ni vill att er barn ska kunna franska bara o spanska, välkommen till denna skithögen;-)

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patrick ohlsson, 8 months ago

Depuis que mon fils est entré dans cette école il a été dépressif et il ne veut plus parler avec moi. De plus il est devenu dépendant aux jeux vidéos et il n'étudie plus. Je ne recommande pas cette école.

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