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Shanghai, China 

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Ages:12 to 18 Primary Language:English
Curriculum:English Max Class Size:Unknown

Like Lucton School UK, Lucton School Shanghai offers small classes, flexibility and high quality.Class size is the key to student participation and the learning process is accelerated by the opportunity to ask questions so that student/teacher exchanges generate better understanding and the development of independent learning that is essential at University. Flexibility means students’ English studies and other academic studies can move on hand in hand with one aim. We have built the School with the best facilities and with a holistic education approach in our minds. Lucton School Shanghai has a campus which can facilitate over 20 types of sports, as well as a professional theatre and individual music practice rooms which cater for talents in drama and music. These enable us to celebrate talents in all fields. Being the first full boarding international school in Shanghai, we establish a vibrant and caring community led by the Houseparents. This brings a family school culture which is further supported by our Tutor system. As well as subject teachers and Houseparents, all students are allocated a Tutor on arrival. Similar to the system operated by Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Tutors act as mentors for students. They ensure that the right balance between work and co-curricular activities is being struck and that progress is good in all academic areas. They will also help students if they have personal or motivational problems. Tutors are all academic teachers and have been trained to tutor. They work with Houseparents, careers staff and teachers to ensure that students’ ambitions and potential are fulfilled. Lucton School Shanghai also has the expertise to place students at Universities throughout the world. Lucton School UK has been placing students for over 300 years into UK institutions and experienced staff have been recruited to provide help and guidance in applications to English speaking Universities elsewhere with particular emphasis on US Universities which have a unique and complex admissions process.





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38 other schools in Shanghai

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