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Lighthouse International School Phuket strives to produce a broad, high caliber education for all its pupils, of whom it has high expectations. It aims to ensure a happy, secure and energetic community in which every individual (child and adult) can thrive, and to promote an exciting and stimulating academic environment which will foster a life-long love of learning for every pupil. Children at ISP should never be bored! The school prepares its’ students for their wider life ahead, in terms of their moral and spiritual education and their acquisition of individual passions both inside and outside the academic classroom.

In school and out of school, we want our pupils to develop confidence in themselves as well as a sense of corporate responsibility, so that every child has the self-belief to do well for himself but also to contribute fully at school and in his life ahead to those around him and to wider society. We encourage our pupils to show an awareness of others at the same time as self-discipline for themselves and to show empathy and enjoyment of the diverse cultures and traditions that are represented at PIKS and in the surrounding community and island of which the school is part.

Lighthouse Education is focused on each student and seeing them reach their full potential. We are a school of the future and completely committed to our children’s success.

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Joellen Finella, 7 months ago

I joined as an intern teacher in this school and ended up extending my internship as I loved everything about this school. From dedicated teachers to enthusiastic students, this school has it all. Not to mention, its impressive architecture and environment makes it one of a kind. The teachers here put in so much hard work in making sure the students succeed and keep moving forward,even at their own pace. This shows the commitment and responsibility of the teachers at Lighthouse Academy. I am indeed honoured to be given a chance to serve at this school and if given the opportunity, I will definitely come back to be part of the team again.

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Vaisshanavi Sivabalan, 2 months ago

My internship experience as a student teacher at Lighthouse Academy (LHA) has been a gratifying and fruitful experience. I got the privilege to connect with competent students and diligent teachers who supported my academic and personal growth. They had always encouraged my passion for teaching by giving the chance and freedom to utilize varies teaching methods and resources. Interning at LHA imparted me with skills and qualities that a good educator require. I am certain that all those learnings I have gained from this school will be advantageous for my future career. A special mention to the school management and administration. As we are aware, the pandemic had led to unplanned school closures all around Malaysia and swift transition from traditional learning to e-learning took place. The school management handled this crucial situation effectively and put great effort to continue teaching and assessment via online. Their adaptability and dedication to provide students with proper learning environment are truly commendable.

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Sanjeevwa Sritharan, 11 months ago

Love this school. Dedicated teachers who have a contagious passion for adding value to students. They believe in changing the world, one child at a time. I'm grateful to have crossed paths and to have been given the opportunity to play a small part in driving forward this big dream. Come, invigorate your senses with the wide collection of beautiful flowers everywhere in Lighthouse Academy. Come, contemplate life as you lose yourself in deep thoughts whilst basking in the setting sun of the Andaman Sea right next to Lighthouse Academy. Come, feel the joy and warmth of being surrounded amidst the smiling and caring faces of the friendly staff at Lighthouse Academy. Come, to Lighthouse Academy. Drop in for a visit today! You will be surprised.

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Tom Sights, 12 months ago

My Son has been part of the special needs since he was 3 and I am so thankful for the Lighthouse. This is a wonderful place for children of all ages and needs. He loves going to school everyday, and misses school when there are holidays! The staff are well trained and understand the needs of my Son, they are top notch! They are able to bring out the best in all children at the school. Their programs are enriching and educational for the children! I am forever grateful to the Lighthouse for all they have done for my Son.

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Arthur, 11 months ago

My son who is 13 years old has autism and have been attending Lighthouse Academy since he was 10. I will not be writing about the facilities, or the teachers credentials or even the teaching syllabus as you can read from the website or the reviews from other parents. I will in turn focus my thoughts on the more important aspect…. the human touch. Here is the story of my son: One of the most significant improvements that we see comes from his behavior. From disliking going to school, tearing his books, consistently throwing a temptrum/meltdown at a near daily basics, my son has transformed to a totally different person. He now looks forward to school, is calmer, compose and the overall improvements from his behavior leads to an increase in cognitive understanding that can be seen from his achievements in academics. My son has attended three other schools prior to Lighthouse. The biggest difference I see is the willingness and openness of the school teachers/administrators to work closely with the parents and a strong sense of trust building between all parties involve. It is with this Positive Culture that is driven from the very top that vibrates in every aspect of what they do. Bottom line, we can setup the best infrastructure, or hire the best teachers but still it would not work without a Positive Culture that holds everything together. This is where I believe Lighthouse distinguish themselves with the rest. Thank you.

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