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Kajonkiet International School, Phuket (KIS) is a co-educational day school for children aged 2 to 18. Set in 15 Rai of spectacular grounds, KIS students are part of a friendly, caring community which promotes respect and responsibility. Our enthusiastic and aspirational students are engaged and extended in creative and dynamic learning environments, by supportive and passionate teachers.

With access to outstanding opportunities, KIS students learn to meet the challenges of the wider world and are aware both of their personal responsibilities and their duty to others.

Kajonkiet International School Phuket aims to create a stimulating and nurturing environment where the children can achieve their full potential. We follow our KIS cores which guide us to directions where we would like our students to be. We strive to provide and maintain the highest calibre of practitioners, by offering continuous professional development, opportunities and a caring community. Therefore our practitioners will create the best learning environment where children will thrive. KIS is established around its innovative, leading, passionate community with a full of opportunity and Sustainability.

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2 to 18

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5 Reviews of Kajonkiet International School, Phuket (KIS)

Average Ratings

Overall 2.75
Facilities 5.00
Academics 1.00
Teachers 1.00
Sports 1.00
Music & Arts 1.00
Science & Tech 1.00

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How would you rate Kajonkiet International School, Phuket (KIS)?

Alena , 19/01/2024 @ 06:45:41
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

Rating: ⭐ With great hope and anticipation, we arrived today at KIS for a meeting that was meant to mark the beginning of our son's educational journey. Unfortunately, our experience turned out to be extremely negative. 1. Confusion about the meeting place: We were greeted with the news that we had arrived at the wrong building, even though we had previously been directed to this exact location for the meeting. 2. Unrecognized by the staff: A week ago, we spent time with the school manager, but this time she did not recognize us. Well, it happens. 3. Unkept promises: We were promised that today would involve an informal interview with a teacher, but it all turned out to be a formal and cold process. 4. Change of meeting time: We were given a specific time of 12:30, then they told us that they’d changed the time without warning. 5. Absence of the main teacher: The teacher we were supposed to meet could not come because of another IMPORTANT meeting, and we were offered to reschedule our meeting for another day, despite the fact that we had specifically made time. 6. Lack of attention and respect: During the wait, we were completely ignored, with staff talking amongst themselves in Thai, not explaining why we were waiting or what was happening. 7. Confusion during the testing process: At first, we were called into the office with our child, and then asked to leave. This was extremely unpleasant for our son. He did not want to stay with the unsmiling teacher in the classroom. The teacher didn't even try to engage in dialogue with him or to pique his interest. 8. Refusal of a personal meeting with the main teacher: Despite our request, the school refused us a short meeting with the teacher, which we hoped would mitigate the negative impression for our son. 9. Issues with refunding money: After such a negative experience, we asked for a refund for the interview but were faced with the necessity of going through bureaucratic procedures. Yes, we had actually paid for this interview. We are extremely dissatisfied with the quality of service and the treatment we received. This experience has left us with a bitter taste, and unfortunately, we cannot recommend KIS to other parents looking for a school for their children.

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Chantal Fernandes, 2 years ago

Our kids love KIS ! Wonderful teachers. Lots of creative learning and fun activities. Free after school clubs. British curriculum and best exams results in Phuket.

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Ana K, 3 years ago

Happy with the school! Great teachers, well organized. Always something interesting happening for the kids.

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Yana Dubinskaya, 4 years ago

My son is attanding this school and we are more than happy with this choice.

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Jacob Ritter, 2 years ago

Decent school. Teachers tend to come and go after 1 or 2 years. Unfortunately it looks more like a hospital than a school in parts... The reception stage lacks quality green play areas in a natural-feeling outdoor setting. The EYFS says outdoor environments are the best type of environment for kids to learn in, while teachers say they hope the school will renovate said outdoor areas. Kajonkiets have a reputation for facilities/colors which leave room for improvement. Many Thai public schools have preferable green play facilities where children can learn outdoors and be kids in a natural setting. Given the large tuition fees, I would hope they can do better at retaining teachers and greening the reception play area.

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