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Founded in 1998, International School of Myanmar (ISM)’s highly qualified international teachers have been providing an outstanding American education to students and families in Myanmar for over 20 years. More than 700 graduates have gone on to colleges and universities around the world.

We believe that ISM will be the right fit for you and your family! ISM students are empowered innovators who positively impact both Myanmar and the global community.

ISM has been providing outstanding American education with highly qualified international teachers to students and families in Myanmar for over 20 years. Our students in High School take Advanced Placement (AP) courses and graduate with a US High School Diploma that is accepted in colleges and universities worldwide. In addition, we offer a large variety of activities in sports, music, and the arts.

Throughout the student’s educational journey at ISM, they are provided with a warm and caring learning environment. ISM, as a community of lifelong learners, prepares students with the knowledge and skills, understandings and attitudes to become independent and socially responsible citizens who are successful in their future learning opportunities and in meeting the challenges of an ever-evolving world.

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4 Reviews of International School of Myanmar (ISM)

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Snichage, 2 years ago

I study there is the best

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Granis Hammersmith, 4 years ago

To compare nationally, this school is actually a really good school. Not to blame the school for some parts but of course teachers are different and some may not turn out as we want them to be. Grading is changed once again, and it works well too, because it is actually detailed with how well one does in some parts. Although gradings are also not perfect, we cannot expect them to be perfect. The school fees are expensive as well. We don't know the truth behind why it's so expensive, and we shouldn't complain or judge it. If we don't want to pay such expensive fees or whatever the reason is, maybe the child can switch to a school of your choice and let others decide for their own. Not to say that ISM is a very good school, but maybe we should already be thankful that we have all those facilities and some "favorable " teachers. It's not chaos, and although some teachers may not be so "favorable", kids are graduating and going overseas to study. Very few of them fail. It is the school's responsibility that ISM is the reasonable way that others want it to be, and ISM is usually improving every year. Many classes and a wide diversity of students, but again, we can't expect all kids to be polite, etc. This is part of the school's duty as well, to have a safe and fun and kind learning environment. The school offers a wide variety of after school clubs which are important for a student's hobby, such as theatre, sports and more. Students may complain but programs like this rarely fail and it gives the student a new experience. Classes are most likely chosen randomly as students never have to fill out wishlists or anything, but randomly choosing is a bit better than separating into intelligence groups such as Grade a students and Grade B students. Students may end up with no friends in one class, but such an occasion is rare. Teachers are to notice how one is acting and help them if needed. There are no major concerns about ISM, and it functions very well, concerts, events, etc. No bad news, and hope that ISM will try to follow the reasonable expectations that people give.

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Lily, a year ago

this is such a horrible school. The teachers and studebts are fine but the school administration is extremely unreliable. Students are super stressed out and unable to focus because things aren't clear and the administration makes it soo much more. Highly do not recommend. They also feed propaganda to their students.

Google logoRating: 

Nagi Saki, 5 years ago

This is probably the worst school in Myanmar, many inexperienced teachers and a crappy curriculum. Don't bother coming to this school, many rude disrespectful students. No one is focusing on their education, I highly don't recommend u this school

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