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Hull's School Zurich is the first English college (private secondary school) in Zurich.
The four-year programme covers the UK Fifth and Sixth Forms (Years 10 to 13), preparing students for IGCSE and A-level examinations. Except for modern languages, the language of instruction is English.

The Hull’s School campus consists of four buildings located near the Zurich Opera House. More than 300 students from Swiss and international families attend the college.

Hull's School offers an alternative route to university and other types of higher education for academically talented and motivated adolescents. Many teenagers who finish Year 9 at a Swiss secondary school would prefer full-time education to an apprenticeship, especially if they had the opportunity to attend a school with an attractive curriculum, motivated learners, and teachers who take a genuine interest in their students. Unfortunately, Swiss Gymnasia have limited capacities, and their entrance requirements can be very challenging, particularly for young people from multicultural families.

In our experience, Zurich's adolescents are strongly drawn to schooling in English and thrive in a British educational environment, regardless of whether they come from families with a Swiss or an international background. The British educational system allows for more specialisation than the Swiss Matura, fostering the development of students’ individual academic strengths. It opens doors to universities in Switzerland as well as to leading universities abroad, including those in the UK Russell Group. It also paves the way for careers in business. Switzerland's many multinational corporations, for example, prefer their management to have sound academic backgrounds, and favour university graduates.

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6 Reviews of Hull's School

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Overall 3.20
Facilities 2.00
Academics 2.00
Teachers 2.00
Sports 2.00
Music & Arts 2.00
Science & Tech 2.00

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Antonia de Tavora , 21/11/2022 @ 17:14:38
Relationship   Teacher

Music & Arts

Being a biology/ chemistry teacher I praise more the students then teachers as they showed an absolute solidarity between them. No laboratory rooms, very expensive for parents, poor salary for teachers, American style management, low level of scientific grade of teachers: poor students they did not know the function of the heart in a trial lesson!!! Mostly expatriate children. The students are exceptional well educated and bright. The only advantage, the school is very city central!

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Ella K., a year ago

After a year and a half of battling my way through a Swiss Gymi, I transferred to Hull’s to do my IGCSEs and A-Levels. I was immediately made to feel at home by both staff and students. The office staff are lovely and very helpful, and the teachers are absolutely wonderful. I got all the support I needed and then some. It’s a real community that you’ll always be a part of. My brother is a current student there and whenever I manage to visit him at Hull’s, I’m always greeted warmly by everyone, despite having graduated almost two years ago. Both in terms of academics and extra-curricular activities, I loved my time and Hull’s. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am now, having been accepted to Russel Group Universities and a Royal Conservatoire. Thanks, Hull’s!

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Adam Peterson, a year ago

Having experienced the state school equivalent, I can wholeheartedly recommend Hull’s School to any student. As a student, I felt treated like a human, and not just when my grades were good, but especially when they were not. In the state system, when my grades were down, I was made to feel like I was not worthy of my teachers time. At Hull’s School, teachers didn’t even seem to accept the fact that I didn’t understand topics, and would thoroughly go through them with me, even if it was the fifth time they did so. In my experience, each student had different goals, ranging from apprenticeships to Oxbridge. Students were supported and pushed by teachers to achieve their goals, whatever they may have been. This made the school’s expectations towards students much more of an individual matter. I’ve always found the staff and teachers to be very forthcoming. For example, sacrificing a couple of days from their holidays to help me out with university applications, or often spending their lunch breaks tutoring struggling students. In my opinion, there are plenty of reasons to go to this school, but in retrospect the teachers and the culture they brought to the classrooms were the best reason.

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Tash Waelti, a year ago

As a native English speaker, Hull's School provided me with opportunities the state schools could have never offered me. I was finally able to understand and enjoy the material instead of always being ignored when I didn't understand something or penalised because I didn't understand the language. Hull's School provides a welcoming and nurturing environment for all students from all different kinds of backgrounds to learn. Before I joined Hull's School I was told I would become a hairdresser if I was lucky. Now, thanks to Hull's School I am enjoying my time at a Russell Group University in the UK studying a subject I have a true passion for. This would not have been possible without Hull's School and their wonderful teachers and staff. I would recommend Hull's School to any student who is struggling in the public schools and/or hopes to one day maybe study or work outside of Switzerland.

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Petra Kalbermatten, a year ago

I can only recommend Hull's School. Great location and very well organized. The teachers are extremely committed, both professionally and personally. They not only convey school material, they motivate and support the students for better performance and in their personal development. The intranet for the students, homeschooling via Zoom and the Parent's App show how timely and needs-based the Hull's School maintains close contact with students and parents.

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Styrulex 3, a year ago

The teachers are good and competent, and they can also often convey the material well. However, the office is a disaster, students are treated like kindergarten teachers and parents are required to correspondence quickly, even if they are trivial matters, which is obviously not always possible if you are working as a father or mother. In addition, the internal communication does not work and you have to run after every little thing and send e-mails to the responsible person yourself so that it is finally done, which is not always the case. The registration for exams for subjects that you take, for example, does not happen automatically and if a question arises only one person in the secretariat can help you, the question can then not be passed on internally, but you have to fortunately try to answer the person yourself catch where a good information is also not guaranteed. A harsh answer is more likely.

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