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Global Nusantara School is a fully-accredited SPK school under the Indonesian Education Ministry, using Cambridge Curriculum as the core curriculum and is a fully-accredited national school under the Indonesian Education Ministry. We are a school based on active learning which is FUN and focuses on ACADEMICS and CHARACTER BUILDING.

We offer our students a dual path of both the internationally-recognized Cambridge-International-Examination (CIE) Certifications and also the Accredited Indonesian National Education Certifications from Ages 2 to 17 years old: PRE-NURSERY to HIGH SCHOOL. 

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English, Indonesian

Primary Language



2 to 17

Max Class Size


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7 Reviews of Global Nusantara School

Average Ratings

Overall 2.90
Facilities 1.50
Academics 3.50
Teachers 2.50
Sports 2.00
Music & Arts 3.00
Science & Tech 3.00

Reviewer Nationalities

Indonesian (2)

How would you rate Global Nusantara School?

Anonymous Student, 24/10/2023 @ 08:23:50
Relationship   Pupil

Music & Arts

Okay so first of all I am a student here and I will tell my experiences in this school. I kind of dislike this school because I have some reasons that I want to say but will get hated if I say this so this is my honest opinion. Number One: Teachers Some teachers here (well I guess a few of them) are nice and normal but a lot of the teachers here are kind of, let’s just say “horrifying” and unfair. Most of them have favoritism and they all like to threaten us like “Oh I’m going to make your score zero” which is amusing for some but unfunny and serious for most. They even minus your score -50 if you forget any books and likes to humiliate you and shout at you for doing a mistake. It’s just so tiring of how most “special-needed” students can just destruct and threat the whole class and get away with it because they’re “special”. Teachers (a very lot of them) likes to pick the “smart” and “beautiful” ones and put all the others aside. They even blame some “unpopular” students for messing up but the favorited ones stay favorited. The teachers also shout at you if you make a mistake or ask a “dumb” question. Some teachers also curse at the students at some point. Number Two: Students Lots of students here like to create drama like assaulting others or swearing but teachers don’t really do anything about it. I’ve ever been touched by one of my so-called “friend” and the teachers never do anything. Students also swear like 90% of the time. They also like to gossip and don’t have manners. Number Three: Facility The facility here is average but most of the time dusty. You can find a lot of feces and urine in the toilet and the maids just don’t really do anything (Except if you tell them but anyways still). The chairs are basically kid’s chairs and the tables are mostly broken and unclean. The walls are dusty and the floor is dusty too. Not really that much but still I could like it if they just buy new stuff. Also a certain book is re-used and there are lots of drawings inside) In conclusion, I would say that this school is kind of messed up but still the knowledge is above average. I also will remain anonymous since I don’t want to get shout at or messed up at.

Adit, 26/04/2023 @ 20:09:43
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

The school is run down, and it is surprising that they are affiliated with Cambridge.

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Samuel Lumentut, 3 years ago

Used to have a not so good name. However they are changed completely. They now offer superb small class with qualified teachers. They are very attentive and really care about their students. I dare say no other school in Jakarta have better caring and love for their students than the teachers here. Please do come and visit to see that I am not joking about what I wrote.

Google logoRating: 

Carolyn Raharjo, 3 years ago

The teachers and staff are very attentive and caring towards students. They keep small classes for each grade so approachment is maximum. Great cambridge curriculum.

Google logoRating: 

Tiurma pt Simanjuntak MSi, 5 years ago

I dont know the difference between GCE O level from singapore with yours, but thank you for giving me the challenges and the chance to teach on your school, that i really apreciate it. wram regards

Google logoRating: 

Bernard Grover, 7 years ago

Global Nusantara International School offers the most complete experience for students and parents. It uses the full Cambridge curriculum and testing, has small class sizes and is very affordable. The atmosphere is creative and focused on a well-rounded educational experience. Classes are conducted primarily in English, with a strong Mandarin program, as well. The school is also conveniently located for those living in Puri, Taman Anggrek and Tanjung Duren. One very good feature is that the school keeps the parents involved and informed. I highly recommend Global Nusantara to anyone looking for a quality education.

Google logoRating: 

Misjan Nurbudiman, 2 years ago


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