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The GEMS Winchester School – Dubai opened in 2011 to address the increasing demand for school places in Dubai and in particular in GEMS schools. Located in the heart of old Dubai in Oud Metha, the school occupies a site of significant historical interest. It was here that over forty years ago GEMS opened its first purpose-built school – Our Own English School. When this school relocated to new premises, the Winchester School – Dubai was born and has successfully continued the GEMS legacy of quality education on the newly refurbished site.

Offering the National curriculum for England, the school currently provides places from Foundation Stage 2 to Year 12.

The ability to think globally and as an innovator has never been as important as it is today, and this may become even more vital for the next generation of graduates. As a GEMS Education school, we are part of a family of international schools embodying the following core values:

Pursuing Excellence,
Growing by Learning,
Learning Through Innovation,
Global Citizenship

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Primary Language



4 to 17

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6 Reviews of GEMS Winchester School

Average Ratings

Overall 1.80
Facilities 1.00
Academics 1.00
Teachers 1.00
Sports 1.00
Music & Arts 1.00
Science & Tech 1.00

Reviewer Nationalities

Indian (1)

How would you rate GEMS Winchester School?

Mohammad, 04/09/2023 @ 16:59:35
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

Worst school I ever went to in my entire life, do not recommend at all

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Google logoRating: 

Anxxsa 26, 2 months ago

This is a school which always strives for the best and almost in hunger to improve! I’ve been studying in this school since year 4 (I’m in year 9 now) and this school has changed drastically overtime (In a good way) I record you send your kids to this school. The students are very dedicated to complete their tasks on time and teachers/ staff/ SLT members are always there to help you and ensure you feel happy, safe and motivated at all times.

Google logoRating: 

Syed Saad Umair, 2 months ago

I love this school gems winchester i have been here for 6 and a half year and i love it

Google logoRating: 

Eman Ahmed, 2 weeks ago

Ik I am an ex student but I need to share my experience and my experience with this school is HORRIBLE I remember that the techer used to shout at us because we are not waring the White shoes with our PE clothes and not only that but punishing us if the shoe had a dot of colour I also remember the the teacher also punished the girls if one of them did not use the schools hair band and in stead used one of her own ones P.S. I mean that you had to buy the hair bands and the bands an even the socks or leggings, plus the techers where very rude to the students and also where not the best at teaching and the rest room smelled like dead fish and trust me that does not smell good, so if you want to experience hell before you die then be my gust

Google logoRating: 

YEET to the FEET EVERYBODY say SKEET, 3 months ago

This school is literally the worst the washrooms aren’t clean enough they don’t smell good, the teachers are rude as hell some of the teachers tell the students to shut up and yell at them, some go the teachers will even go as far too see what you wrote on your diary and say things like “what is this rubbish” it didn’t happen to me because I don’t have one but it did to my friend who started getting angry and crying, the students bully each other the teachers will say to the parents “we will take care of it” but then go to you and say that you need to ignore it and they’ll talk to the child even though they wont I don’t go to school to get annoyed and ignore it I can say to the person to shut their mouth even the head of year does the same exact things to students and gets angry at the littlest things I brought my books with me to the assembly by mistake but I didn’t take it but I got yelled by the head of year which made me angry and almost make her fell like nothing even some of the 7th graders fight each other and the teachers who witness it say “STOP THIS” even though they can’t put their hands between them and ask them to stop they just really stand there, the stupidest thing is that if you do something and the teachers see it they will legit target you for anything you do even for smiling is considered disrupting the class and that you need discipline even trying to reason with the teachers don’t work and they will just end up yelling at you screaming and go telling everyone so everyone go to the teachers side and make you the hated one and the bad guy one of my teachers made fun of my hair even though she kept hers in a damn ponytail for two semesters and still is which is pretty funny because if you are going to make fun of a kids hair or something like that at least try to change up your hair every once in a while instead of making fun of my hair Which I only kept on FOR A DAY the weirdest thing too is that the French teacher or any language speaking teacher must either be Egyptian, Indian, or Filipino which make no sense to me because they can’t speak French you can at least hire people from these countries to speak French: Lebanon,french,Tunisian,Algerian or Moroccan THE WORST THING IS THAT THE PRINCIPAL HAS THE AUDACITY TO TALK ABOUT THE SCHOOL LIKE ITS heaven WHEN IT IS NOT BECAUSE IT IS ABSOLUTELY HELL! The principal looks like boss baby The cleaners don’t clean the classes nor the washrooms I have been bullied for 6 years in that school and If your planning to go that horrible disgusting school be my guest

Google logoRating: 

Laura Aryan, 2 months ago

THAI PLACE IS THE WORST! I’m in the school and guess what? They don’t clean the bathrooms and they stink, and there rules are stupid like we can’t wear a hoodie and also Mr.Peter is the worst like the worst and the teachers are rude as hell and don’t know how to teach, some teachers even disrespect you, like my friend -I won’t say the name- got suspended cause the teacher was touching MY FRIENDS STUFF!! And then my friend called the teacher a “bitch” and wasn’t her fault. And my math teacher doesn’t know how to teach or make the class quite, I can’t with this school! So if you want to in-roll your child here then don’t, if you think that this school is the best then your wrong. AND BY THE WAY IM LAURA IN 7G3

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