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GEMS United Indian School began as the well known Our Own English School, which opened in September, 1990. Following a restructure and the building of a new, state-of-the-art campus, we began enrolments in November 2015, for our school, re-named as GEMS United Indian School. GEMS United Indian School carries on the GEMS Education passion for delivering internationally comparable quality Indian education, built on our belief that the culture of education is to pass on the light of skill and knowledge, helping students expand their physical and intellectual horizons through value-based and value-added educational programmes. Our motto Lead Kindly Light encapsulates this belief. And today, our restructured school is regarded as one of the premier educational institutions in Abu Dhabi.

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5 Reviews of GEMS United Indian School Abu Dhabi

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Ben Abey Thomas, 6 months ago

Coming to an end to the first term. I must admit that the teachers and management has started on the right note yet again. Appreciate the focus on academics in every angle, along with extra curricular activities. I must mention the minute attention which was given to the Math exam result of my daughter and her friends, where the Vice Principal and the Supervisors were quick to spot 04 -05 students making same mistakes related to a topic and verified on the teaching techniques used and the kind of practice given to children. The teacher did everything right, but I was amazed by the way the management was willing to introspect and ensure that no stone is left unturned. Great commitment. Its such gestures along with the excellent infrastructure, faculty and the highly experienced leadership team that keeps the school a tad higher than the other schools in the region. Wish everyone blissful holiday. Hope to start on a good note in the new season.

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Lorena Paderes, in the last week


Google logoRating: 

Aishu Majeed, 7 months ago

My child is currently studying with gems United and I am very happy from day 1 with the school team. The admissions team was very helpful in settling my kid in school. The front desk staff are very friendly and are always cheerful and helpful.The teachers constantly support my child on her educational journey. I wish United all the success in it's futures endeavors.

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CliffyJinx ., 8 months ago

Teaching is good. However, The Senior Leading team gives little to no attention to extra curriculum activities for the higher grades.Absolute disappointment. The school has ironically hired teachers specialized in sports which aren't available in the school. Example: Lawn Tennis. They provide absolute no guidance towards the sports the students wish to pursue. Sports have become a disability for the school and they have done nothing what so ever in order to correct it. The school favours those students who perform well in academics and ignore and shun those who are gifted in sports related activities.Highly recommend improvements within the sports department and more involvement in interschool competitions. A professional indoor basketball court remains closed in this school despite without reason and plans on never using it. This is the only aspect that limits the school from becoming one of the best Indian schools in Abu Dhabi. Students possess different talents and not everyone is academically gifted. This school wishes to produce students all of the same kind and doesn't pay heed to a child's interests. I hope this school corrects it's ways and provides more supports towards sports activities. Highly dissatisfied.

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krishna kasaragod, 7 months ago

For KG2 Admission. Scene 1. Firstly we are going to the adjacent school of GEMS and asking about the fees and other formalities. Very professional Filipino receptionist explained it well and giving us the brochures. As i am ready to send my child from next day onwards, asked the receptionist to take the assessment and she advised us to wait and with in 10 minutes a lady showed up with smiling face and took our child for assessment. Around 20 minutes later both of them came to me and assessor showed the questions and answers and everything was marked excellent. And advised me that she can enroll for kg 2 . Informed them that, i will come back soon and left from there. Scene. 2. After leaving from this school, i went to GEMS united, the next school and my experiences are below . We got a warm welcome by shouting, yelling, and screaming reception lady. Infront of us she started to shout her co workers.She advised us to wait and after waiting almost 15 minutes they informed us to go to the assessment room. Very unprofessional assessor took assessment like an interview for a company CEO position. Nevertheless, my ward answerd whatever she knows, but I felt very uncomfortable to sit there and witness this interview type questions and i came out of the room My baby continued the interview and few minutes later they called and informed me that my child passed the assessment and can join there for KG2. For knowing the transportation /route and procedures, I went to the transport in charge . Here again experienced the irresponsible answers and behavior from transport Staff. Scene. 3. Walked down from GEMS school. I will not be interested to enroll my child even if we get free education there. That was in my mind. Came back to the previous and very near compound school and enrolled my child there. And she started to go from next day onwards. Please, always dont go beyond the big names, check and feel the reality.

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