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Escuela Internacional Waldorf Valencia began with both a shared interest and necessity. With the feeling that something has to change, that something has to move. Everyone who has approached our initiative at one time or another has felt the same.

This restlessness was born in the soul of a German man with Spanish ancestors who was looking to create a place from which he could transform society. He understood that a Waldorf-Steiner centre was the perfect setting because of its capacity for the harmonious formation of budding human beings; it will be they who will have to treasure enough affection, sensitivity and courage to cultivate and protect everything that has true value for us.

Several years have passed since that first step was taken to make a Waldorf school a reality in Valencia. Some hard moments and many beautiful ones have allowed us to learn and to reach what we are now: a community that is firmly rooted in the need for an educational centre that respects children and contributes to the formation of free thinking human beings. A place to dream of a fairer world.

The Fundación Waldorf Valencia of the Comunitat Valenciana, as a non-profit organisation, promotes this initiative and encourages educational projects and cultural, environmental and social activities in line with the values of the Waldorf philosophy.

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6 Reviews of Escuela Internacional Waldorf Valencia

Average Ratings

Overall 2.63
Facilities 3.00
Academics 3.00
Teachers 3.00
Sports 3.00
Music & Arts 3.00
Science & Tech 3.00

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British (1)

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Sofia, 26/04/2024 @ 15:31:13
Relationship   Other

Music & Arts

So comforting to see the children developing happily in this Steiner School. I thoroughly recommend it.

Gintarė Šimkė, 02/06/2023 @ 11:07:56
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

Our son attended the school for a few months, and initially, we believed that his initial unease stemmed from the typical adjustment period. However, following the summer break, we began to notice concerning incidents that compromised his safety at the school. There seemed to be a tolerance for pushing, bullying, and even the use of objects like sticks to harm others. It was disheartening to hear one of the teachers say that the children should resolve these conflicts on their own without proper guidance. Furthermore, there was an unfortunate normalization of inappropriate behavior among the students, such as exposing and touching each other's private areas. Shockingly, there were instances where some children engaged in the unsanitary act of consuming urine. Amidst these troubling circumstances, our son unfortunately contracted the Herpes virus in a sensitive area, and despite bringing this to the attention of the teachers, there was minimal response. The incidents involving the consumption of urine and our son's contraction of the Herpes virus were deeply unsettling. Adding to our concerns was the behavior of a particular teacher who consistently displayed bullying tendencies, shouting, and excessively punishing our son's friend. Although the school claims to have addressed the issues regarding this teacher's conduct, it was disconcerting to witness the blame being placed on the child who ultimately left the school, rather than holding the responsible teacher accountable. It is important to note that prior to enrolling our child in this school, they had attended a Waldorf kindergarten where we never encountered any of these issues. The quality of education and the dedication of the teachers were exceptional. As a result, we find it difficult to reconcile the current school with the values and standards typically associated with Waldorf or any other esteemed educational institution. The childcare provided at the school also fell far short of our expectations.

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Daniel Matoses, 2 years ago

Our family will always be grateful for having found the Waldorf school of Valencia, our daughter has flourished in this wonderful school full of peace and love.

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Prec Xtnu, a year ago

We are currently at the school but planning on leaving at the end of this school year. We enrolled our kids thinking that they would keep their good levels and get a good education in English, while enjoying a nice environment. Despite our kids being happy in terms of freedom, the use of English in this school is a mess, with non-native teachers and a lack of fluency in the use of the language; most classes are based on acquiring some vocabulary, but the use of grammar, writing and reading is nonexistant. Furthermore, we worry our children will have a tough time getting used to a "normal" level of academic contents if we postpone leaving the school.

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The Creative Business Coach, a year ago

We were excited to discover the Waldorf school in our area and interested in signing up our two sons this year. However, the organisation is terrible at responding to emails and messages, or simply ignore you. After being honest on our application form about one of our children having been to a psychologist in the past year for anxiety symptoms (like so many other kids), they simply told us they did not have a space for 'children who need special support' - despite them telling me earlier there were four spaces available in that class. I requested a meeting with the school, so we could talk in person and explain that our son works fine in a classroom and does not need special educational support. I felt that them drawing conclusions from an application form was a bit harsh. However, they have not replied to any of my emails, messages or phone calls since. It is very frustrating, disrespectful and disappointing. I was encouraged by all the positive reviews here on Google, plus our positive visit to the school's open day, but their way of communicating really strikes me as the complete opposite of what the Waldorf philosophy stands for.

Google logoRating: 

plea leah, a year ago

After our kid spent a year in this school, we wouldn't recommend it to anyone

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