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Dwight, a New York City landmark private school, is a leader in global education recognized worldwide for igniting the spark of genius in every child. We are proud of our rich history, which dates back to 1872, and numerous advances that have distinguished Dwight as a pioneering International Baccalaureate World School. While innovation drives us ever forward, our commitment to personalizing the educational journey for every student remains at the heart of everything we do.

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Ethos Statement

Ignite the spark of genius in every child.

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2 to 18

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7 Reviews of Dwight School

Average Ratings

Overall 3.25
Facilities 2.50
Academics 1.50
Teachers 3.00
Sports 2.50
Music & Arts 3.00
Science & Tech 2.00

Reviewer Nationalities

American (1)

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Georgina L., 02/11/2022 @ 13:15:42
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

School if for-profit, and students paying extra (for Quest program) almost never receive lower than a B. There is also an astonishing amount of turnover among teachers (my children had multiple teachers leave mid-year). If your child possesses academic potential don't send them to Dwight.

John S, 10/03/2022 @ 18:19:43
Relationship   Teacher

Music & Arts

Many of the Quest students lack motivation and feel entitled to an A or B for doing little work.

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Carolina Suarez, 3 years ago

Our son has been in the school for 8 years, and he is now in fourth grade. We have had an amazing experience at Dwight. Excellent academic program based on inquiry and research, which enables students to develop strong analytical skills. Unconditional support on students' creations and innovation ideas. Access to wonderful teaching methodologies, including most innovative technologies, local and international trips. Unique faculty members with full dedication, who really help kids identify and develop their special abilities. High quality personalized education that results in having very happy and motivated kids.

Google logoRating: 

Bernadette Mastrangel, 3 years ago

Our daughter started at the 2's program at Dwight. She is now in third grade and loves this school. I have never met more of an amazing community. I have been actively involved with the school from the start. Their constant strive for innovation, academics and achieving is what has impressed me the most.

Google logoRating: 

Louise Tonkin, 3 years ago

Dwight is a wonderful school with international diversity and a vibrant community. We relocated to NYC from Asia five years ago and have never regretted the choice of school for our children who are currently in grade 1 and grade 5 at Dwight. The teachers are dedicated and passionate and the IB program enables students to be exited about learning. My 11 year old just returned from a one week school trip to London, and can not wait to explore the rest of the world. Well Done Dwight!

Google logoRating: 

Pasha Solonin, a year ago

Hello. I am Pasha Solonin. I have been to four different schools so far and I must say that Dwight is a really good school for a few reasons. I spent a full academic year at Dwight ( 2015-2016)and I enjoyed being in the school. Back then I was in seventh grade. Dwight offers great education in subjects like English, Social Studies, Math and Science. I remember that in English I’ve read novels such as The Tempest, Lord of the Flies, and The Outsiders. I learned about symbolism in the novels I’ve read. Dwight was a very welcoming school. This school has a great counselor who helped me solve the problems whenever I encountered them. There is only one concern I have for Dwight and that is the use of their QUEST program.In early November, my parents received an email where the QUEST program was offered to help me in areas where I needed help. My parents never gave a proper answer of yes or no. A few days later I was forced to go into the QUEST program against my own will and the will of my parents. QUEST program attempted to offer me support where I simply didn’t need it. That is the only reason why I hated the program. My parents later on revealed to me the price of the program which was as expensive as a year spent at Dwight. As days passed by the QUEST program was removed from my schedule, but it remained in school since then. I got worried about other students who might also fall into this trap. The QUEST program was used like a loot box in EAs (Electronic Arts) most disappointing video game, Star Wars Battlefront II. Another words the QUEST program was used in a greedy way. I am hoping that one day this program will either be removed, or becomes beneficial to students and helps them whenever they need help in understanding certain topics. I hope this explains all my thoughts on Dwight. I still think that it is a good school when it comes to its atmosphere and its fantastic education.

Google logoRating: 

Coral Rough, a year ago

Being a graduate of Dwight, I can give an accurate review of the school, and the IB curriculum. First off, the IB is not worth it for kids that plan to go to a college or university in the United States. In fact, the IB is a horrible option for those kids. The workload is insane, and the extra requirements such as CAS and The Personal Project are ghastly. Furthermore, and I am just being honest, other schools such as Columbia Prep, Collegiate, Trinity and maybe Trevor Day, not as familiar with that school though, are better than Dwight and provide their students with a richer education. Also, the school has a terrible college guidance office (the worst). The "good" relationships Dwight has with universities and colleges are mainly between NYU, Syracuse, BU or Boston College. So if you want one of your kids to go to one of those four schools then you will have an advantage if you send your kid to Dwight. Yet, I advise against it. Lastly, and put blantley, Dwight students have a drug problem. The phrase" Dumb White Idiots Getting High Together" still very much applies to Dwight students. I hope this helps you parents.

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