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Dulwich College Singapore (DCSG) was the seventh College to join the Dulwich family of schools. The close collaboration among our colleges stimulates innovation and encourages an international outlook, which we believe provides students an advantage in the future they will face. The result is a community where academic ability is nourished, creativity is valued, diversity is celebrated and inspiration is paramount.

We proudly celebrate our links to Dulwich College, founded 400 years ago, carrying on its tradition of excellence in all aspects of school life.

Dulwich College (Singapore) is much more than a British school. It is an International school with British Independent school ethos and values, which draws upon 400 years of excellence and tradition from Dulwich College. Our traditions form part of our culture and are firmly embedded in all that we do.

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2 to 18

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5 Reviews of Dulwich College Singapore (DCSG)

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Overall 4.38
Facilities 5.00
Academics 5.00
Teachers 5.00
Sports 5.00
Music & Arts 5.00
Science & Tech 5.00

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Australian (1)

How would you rate Dulwich College Singapore (DCSG)?

Jason Cameron, 22/06/2020 @ 08:40:34
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

Amazing staff and facilities, holistic approach to education and whilst they are academically selective and their results are impressive, they look to enrich students beyond the classroom.

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Chiara Ghinolfi, a month ago

Nothing less than amazing. This school is an absolute gem in singapore. My three kids are Super happy there.

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Myo Htun, a year ago

Very Good Teaching , Great Management and Great school !

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Ja Shik, 2 years ago

Overpriced, but what Int'l school isn't? Good curriculums and great mix of attention to academics, activities and athletics and socialization.

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Laetitia D, a year ago

Arrogant and artificial is how the head of early years teacher made me feel. when took my 2 years old Son for school interview, she judge him based on a 15 minutes meeting, just because my Son was not social/interactive infront of strangers, which is totally normal for a 2 years old to take time warm up. During the open house, the staff were encouraging everyone to enrol, said the interview for the toddlers are really easy, they just want to see how the children are playing. So why our child has to go through 3 rounds of interviews? It was suppose to be a 45 minutes meeting, but the teacher only observed 15 minutes, you could tell she was not patient. I heard my son answered her question like ‘ helicopter’ when she was asking questions. It shows he WAS NOT silence the whole time. He played alone in the room with this stranger teacher for a good 10 mins before I involved, he did not throw any tantrums. He moved from solitary play to parallel play, it shows a perfect normal 2-3 years old development stage. we try to enroll our child as a preschooler in dulwich, hoping his potentials can blooms in the right environment, but proves it was a wrong place for our child. While i try to explain my child normally takes some time to warm up, and he can social well with friends or people he’s familiar with. She had shown very little interest to understand, when I wanted to show some of the video clips to her that how our son social with friends at daily basis, she refused and said ‘I only want to see how he behave infront of me’. She has absolutely zero compassion, and she does not understand children are all different, shy does not mean are less intelligent. Children’s personality changes, it all depends on what environment they expose to and what experiences they will have, and time is what they need. Later we received email said that they didn’t see our son’s potential, and that he is not ready for them to offer a place. It was quite shallow how they define a child’s potential based on a 15 minutes meeting. And Yet, they charge S$500 for this heartless interview. After we appealed to the head of the ducks, they asked my son to come spend a half day with the peers and will make a decision by then. We reflected and decided to move on as it has left a bitter taste in our mouth, if the teacher already thinks our 2 years old Son is not good enough for them, how we can trust that he will learn and develop confidently? Competitive shouldn’t happen in the age of 2, this is crazy. There are better international schools out there with outstanding teachers, strong academic result and great facilities. Go to those who believes every children has their potentials, and who emphasize on children’s development rather than their ‘brand image’. I’d appreciate that dulwich school would tell parents with toddlers upfront that: your school does not welcome shy children. So that we don’t waste our time and money. It’s a shame how dulwich Singapore can treat a 2 years old child in this way.

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