Dubai Carmel School
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

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Overall: (3.0 from 5 reviews)
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Ages:4 to 18 Primary Language:English
Curriculum:English Max Class Size:Unknown

Dubai Carmel School (DCS) was established in 1995 with one important goal among others, to provide quality education to all students. We feel proud that our learners get only the very best during their time at school. We are one of the most vibrant and innovative schools that put their students first and strives to maintain high academic, administrative and financial standards.





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Mohammed Jaber, 4 months ago

Great school,so cooperative family,salam for all especially to MR.WHALEED so respectable &great father for our kids


Khayra Rashid, a year ago

love that school! great friends and sweet teachers , we are like a family in that school.


Phas, 5 months ago

Made great friends, But almost EVERYONE there are like Loud screeching demons there. I couldn't handle it.


shahinaz and mariam, 6 months ago

Trust me if your going to this school your not going to survive. they only give good marks for students who take tutors but others are like garbage. this school is awffel if you look at other's comments and they all say "it is the best" they just say that because there parents pay like one hundred trillion AED to teacher to give them good marks and make them pass , but reality is bad and do not educate students so never go there trust me or you will regret


Anita Davoudi, a year ago

Keep it as your last option to enrol here. There are better schools with the same fee in this area like Diyafah and Pristine. Carmel school has less teachers, low experienced ones specially for higher grades and there is no order in the school. It's a mess. The teachers are majority Arab and very partial to non Arabs. Many times they speak Arabic during class. The school is also very sexist, boys generally have more activities and freedom around the school than girls. All girls have to wear long sleeve uniform and jackets at all times. Many students skip class and no one notices. Many classes are cancelled because students don't come to school. Not recommended. I studied for a year only, glad I could have my high school experience in other school.

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