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Buenos Aires, Argentina 

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3.8 from 5 reviews
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Ages Primary Language
3 to 17 English
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English,IB Unknown

The mission of Dover High School is to educate in values with an ethical conception of life, which enables the full exercise of responsible freedom and insertion in any sociocultural context. Through ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION, the philosophical substratum of the institution, we work for the construction of an eco-critical conscience that seeks to improve the relations of man with nature and men with each other to achieve a better quality of life. The current world, more interconnected than ever before, revolves around globalization. Generations of young people are growing in a multilingual and multicultural environment, accustomed to interacting with speakers of various languages, actively participating in the multilingual construction of communication and knowledge. With this in mind our initial and primary levels are bi-lingual (English and Spanish) and in Secondary tri-lingual with the addition of Portuguese.




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1 other school in Buenos Aires

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Matteo Bossi, a year ago

Fue interesante estudiar en este colegio ya q después me recibí de abogado y ahora soy multo millonario


Lorena Andrea Herrero, 2 years ago

Muy buen colegio!


Lorena Herrero, 10 months ago



Carlos Cuneo, 6 months ago

Sin palabras


María Beatriz Espinosa, in the last week

Los detalles, tal vez podrían estar disponibles para alguna persona que los solicite. Mi experiencia como madre de dos niñas que asistieron al colegio es de hace muchos años. Tal vez está desactualizada completamente.

1 other school in Buenos Aires

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