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Deira International School's fully inclusive and international context creates global citizens who from the ages of 3 to 18 learn to love learning in all its forms.

Our expert specialist staff and exceptional facilities provide wonderful opportunities for a holistic approach to education; sport, performing arts, academic, technological and creative pathways are on offer ensuring our students enjoy enriching and varied school experiences within Deira International School classrooms and beyond.

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3 to 18

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6 Reviews of Deira International School

Average Ratings

Overall 1.90
Facilities 1.00
Academics 1.00
Teachers 1.00
Sports 3.00
Music & Arts 3.00
Science & Tech 3.00

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Saudi (1)

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not important , 23/02/2022 @ 05:29:25
Relationship   Ex Pupil

Music & Arts

This school feels like a literal jail to us students. The school cares more of our behavior than our actual education. They dont give any opportunity for students to relax and enjoy their school life as they stopped giving us any form of fun days at school after the assistant head changed and head of secondary. The school really shows that they do not care about our wellbeing and act very fake infront of the KHDA. They literally almost suspended a student for silencing their phone and refusing to hand their phone to a teacher. They will use every opportunity to suspend a student. For national day they decided to put everything on the local students and then decided to keep asking for money for them to pay and made it chaotic for the students organizing it. One of the teachers who claimed to be responsible for national day decided to say 'let the students pay'. The only teachers that really deserve appreciation are the art department (only one of the teachers) and the biology teachers and the pe department. Some students are very miserable her and also feel like coming to school is going to jail. Leaving DIS is a very good decision in my opinion.

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Iyad Mohammed, 4 months ago

This is an amazing school with great teacher, respected students. Screw the guys that say bad stuff. D.I.S in my opinion is the best school for your child so pls come. If you hangout with the right people you will have a good future. As a year 8 I personally love this school.

Google logoRating: 

Mohammed Mohammed, 2 months ago

we Love this school. Ignore the haters they are just being haters. Sometimes we have great lessons in the new library.

Google logoRating: 

Riceahh, 2 months ago

The only reason why im not leaving is soley in the fact that I get mediocre grades here and i dont wanna move back to my old school...

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whatdoyouwant, 2 months ago

I've been to Deira International School for nine years and it has a major bullying problem no one bothers to address and at the cafeteria they legit serve expired food and the teachers suck. I think the only department that's okay is the English department. My science teacher last year (Mr O'toole) didn't bother teaching us and was absent half the time anyway. When he wasn't he would make us do useless experiments that wouldn't even come up on the test! My maths teacher (ms visser)legit told her class that she would teach us if she was paid more. Oh and everyone is depressed there.

Google logoRating: 

Anonymous Goodby, 6 months ago

Teachers are very mean and cruel. There are very little good teachers in this school and I’m in and I’m still studying in it. If you’re in year 7; your social status in the grade is based on how good you are in the game fortnite and football. If you have a different opinion about the game and one of the popular boys in my grade hear you will get bullied. The popular girls are nice. I got bullied in this school. Don’t send your child here!!! The only adults in this school who actually help are miss Williams. (The head of year 7) and my counselor. ( Miss Yusr Mahmoud). None of the students will respect your child if you send them here.

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