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Danube International School Vienna is located in an elegant, spacious and self-contained building, close to the centre of Vienna and beside famous Prater Park. This is an ideal location that enables students to learn outside school walls. Our goal is to engage learners at a very young age to be problem solvers, inquirers and risk takers.  We do this by providing opportunities for all students to challenge themselves in an environment where learning is student-centered and each individual is celebrated for their talent, effort and accomplishments.

We have a highly qualified and experienced faculty representing a variety of cultures and nationalities, all well versed in teaching a diverse student body.  A culture of experiential and problem-based learning permeates the classroom, as students make meaning from their discoveries. At Danube, we have a supportive and caring culture that encourages students to work together and inspire those around them. We feel it is our responsibility to nurture and guide each individual in a healthy and loving community to strive for personal best. The school's warm and friendly family atmosphere is grounded in respect, trust, compassion and the ideal of service.  We hope to raise children to be adults that exhibit empathy and, in so doing, make a difference for others.

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7 Reviews of Danube International School Vienna

Average Ratings

Overall 3.10
Facilities 2.50
Academics 2.50
Teachers 2.00
Sports 2.00
Music & Arts 1.50
Science & Tech 2.50

Reviewer Nationalities

Austrian (1) Ukrainian (1)

How would you rate Danube International School Vienna?

Oliver , 16/05/2022 @ 16:19:26
Relationship   Pupil

Music & Arts

Danube is a relatively good school, except of course for the few REALLY annoying teachers. especially the P.E teacher and one english teacher in particular. everything else is quite ok though, i mean each class has like 20 students or a bit less, and it is usually quite fun. the only annoying thing is the one assistant guy in the secondary office who constantly complains about us working while snack or lunch, while we are just trying to be productive. besides this most teachers are really nice and helpful, and do give extensions on work if you really need it, also something that is a bit annoying is the stairs, the stairway is quite small when there are hundreds of children running up and down the stairs, and it is often challenging getting to class in time because sometimes you need to walk up like 5 floors with 200 elementary children running against you. the good thing is there is a second way to get up, in the side of the school there is a second stairway where usually no one is, and one can easily go there if it is needed. To sum up, the school is quite nice except for the occasional annoying teacher and having to walk a lot, but apart from that the school is an acceptable school, although i would have rather chosen to go to a.i.s. or v.i.s.

Arina Gorokhovska, 06/04/2022 @ 22:43:37
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

Our experience has been the WORST encounter I’ve ever had with a school! We are Ukrainian refugees, forced to come due to the ongoing murder of our people by Russia. We came in early March, where we were told about how welcome we are and how they understand our situation. Despite all of that, it took over 5 weeks to sign up for a trial day! A constant, agonizing back and forth with the dean of admissions. Halfway through the process they forgot about us and asked us to fill out all of the forms again! Finally, after a month my son was able to come for a trial day. 2 hours after he began they began calling my older daughter, harassing her with insistent and repeating calls - telling us to come IMMEDIATELY and pick him up. We were shocked! Not only was the tone of the phone calls extraordinarily rude and demanding, nothing befitting a professional conversation, but also the severity of these phone calls was completely disproportionate to the perceived problem. Turns out my son went to the bathroom too much and used his phone during class - so their response: IMMEDIATE EXPULSION. I had to leave in the middle of my mother’s cancer treatment, just so I could get to school and find out what was wrong with my child! My son was brought out by a supervisor, whom I never met. He informed me “here is your son, take him, we will talk to you later”. Confused, we asked to call so we could get to the bottom of it. We waited for some 30 minutes. They had no explanation for why a school that proclaims to value individuality and to teach empathy could not handle a 13 year old boy who was so petrified and stressed in their classroom he had to hide in the bathroom and why they didn’t even talk to him about it but chose to send him home! After that we talked to the principal, who was as unhelpful. He told us that if a kid doesn’t make it on his first day then he will not make it with them in future. That’s it - I guess everyone gets only 1 chance - if you can’t you are kicked out! And no one could give us an explanation for why they chose to interrupt his trial day and send him home! Overall, Danube is a school that values empathy and individuality only on paper. On their website they are waxing poetic about their love for individuality and how “it is our responsibility to nurture and guide each individual in a healthy and loving community” and how they “hope to raise children to be adults that exhibit empathy”. Yet when confronted with a shy and stressed kid on his first day, they did nothing to make him feel welcome - in his classes he was asked to write on paper while the rest of the kids worked on a project, in the cafeteria no one helped him get food, one adult even volunteered to help him but left and never returned so he ended up going without lunch. Later he was put in an office with a man he didn’t know to wait for me to come to pick him up. All of this is unacceptable and traumatizing for a 13 year old child, stuck in a new place, with barely any english.

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Hayley Cooper, 2 years ago

Our 4 children have had the most amazing experience. Everyone from enrolment to the class room were welcoming, professional, went above and beyond to ensure that our children’s adjustment was easy. Further, extra care and understanding was forwarded without hesitation regarding our special requirements. The educational standard is excellent at all levels, whilst maintaining a sense of fun and wonder.

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Danielle Anfuso, a year ago

Safe community with hands-on learning and an emphasis on inclusion. A wonderful school!

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Mina Na-Kumunmin, 2 years ago

This school really focuses on individual learning IT’S GREAT

Google logoRating: 

The Stroke, 2 years ago

Organized.very qualified teachers, big efforts with the students, my daughter is there since three years and I can tell how high level is that school, it is expensive but hard to find cheaper with good quality

Google logoRating: 

0Zeyrox, 5 months ago


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