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Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

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Clarion is the only progressive American school in the UAE and is redefining the meaning of educational excellence. Our unique program, facilitated by highly qualified Master Educators, deeply engages your child in intentional and meaningful learning. Built on a solid academic foundation, our mission is to ignite and keep alive each child’s endless quest for discovery. A child with a curious mind will forever be empowered for the possibilities of an undefined future.





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105 other schools in Dubai

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Charlotte Borghesi, in the last week

Clarion is a wonderful school. Its a breath of fresh air in Dubai to find a school feeling so small and with such a warm community. Its down to earth approach and beautiful natural environment make it such a welcoming school for the children to go to everyday. I simply love their approach to progressive education and William is developing into such a confident, creative, curious and independent young boy because of his experiences there. It is most definitely not for families who push their children to be able to read and write as quickly as possible once they start at school - this will come at the right time when the children are ready - its the only school in Dubai where learning through investigation is not only talked about but actually implemented. Their program is 100% child lead which leads to a very high level of engagement by all of the children and a passion to learn and understand and absorb everything. William's teacher - Miss Jenny and her support teacher Miss Riva were simply amazing last year in supporting William to find his passions as well on work on his growth. He loved going to school from day 1 and never cried or felt bad about going to school. They have so many activities on offer its great on top of which their Principle Miss Lisa is a super leader! Transparent, direct, empathetic, balanced and most of all warm and caring towards all of the teachers and families in the school. You will find her personally standing at the school gate every morning to welcoming the families - whether is 45 degrees of sunshine or a desert sand storm she will be there without fail.


Susan Whistler, 2 years ago

Clarion School is New York City's Bank Street College of Education Affiliate School in Dubai. An excellent American school delivering a progressive education model.


Amelia Wilkinson, 2 years ago

The environment is bright, open and welcoming and the children are genuinely excited to come to school everyday.


C W K, 2 years ago

A breath of fresh air


shams M, a year ago

beautiful school set up, bt too many admin issues, very unstable and badly established, teachers kept changing for my child.

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