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Sevilla, Spain 

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1 to 18 English
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The CBS, The British School of Seville - British College of Seville , was conceived from the beginning as a project for the future, different from what has been established so far in the educational line, and therefore, unique in the Province of Seville.

The CBS considers as basic pieces for the integral formation of the child the development of the personality , the emotional maturity , the good physical health, the contact with the nature and the affective relations .

But in addition, the CBS promotes those most important human values in the development of the person: tolerance, respect, responsibility, solidarity and determination.

The education we give our children today will be the one that helps them in the future to face life with resolution and development. The training they receive today will depend on their ability to face the challenges that life poses to them, and on their ability to solve this constant "test", their happiness will depend.

Therefore, in the CBS we believe that an education based on the development of personality and emotional intelligence is the most important, and that the methodology applied must be an integral process that encompasses three major interrelated areas: Committed Parents, Motivated Students and an Educational System of Excellence.




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2 other schools in Sevilla

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Сацуки Вудс, 9 months ago

Is best school


Kitty Cookie, 2 years ago

I went to CBS for about 6-7 years. And I hated it. Probably because I could already speak Spanish. The girls in my year where so mean. And boys always messed about. Some of the teachers don't know how to control us. Its a good schools but at the same time its a bit of a waist of money.


John Milton, 2 years ago

This school is just pure marketing. Sending our 9 years old son to it was just like sending him to a summer camp to have fun while speaking in English. His time there was a waste of time and money. His school grades seemed to be great, but when we moved him to another school we could realize how poor his background was. I strongly discourage anybody to send his kids to this school.


Bob Rouf, 2 years ago

A school that is desperately trying to give the impression that they are an elite institution but except the high fees there's nothing elite about them. There was a lack of basic resources and support, especially for children with specific needs. Achieving a high standard of education was not a priority, the main aim of the management seemed to be simply to get as much money out of the parents as possible. Their main selling point is the use of english, but the overall level of English is low and students with very little English were put in normal classes with no support. Your children would be just as well off going to state schools.

2 other schools in Sevilla

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