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We are a lively and dynamic community where joyful learning and working in partnership is important to us. Bradbury School is an established school with a well deserved reputation for excellence in learning and teaching. Our greatest asset is our students! Motivated, enquiring, caring and happy; we encourage our students to be curious about the world around them and develop a love for life long learning. We use the International Baccalaureate (I.B.) Primary Years Programme (P.Y.P) as a framework to deliver an inquiry based approach to learning. We work hard to ensure a high standard of curriculum delivery, our staff come from around the globe and our facilities are world class.





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45 other schools in Hong Kong

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Samuel Rosales, a month ago

Located along Stubbs Road, Bradbury is an international primary school with focus on nurturing the student's strengths. It is an ESF member.


Andreas Cheng, 10 months ago

I used to go to this school and I was the DJ for one of the discos and it’s a very swarm school with the best and coolest principle I have ever met


Matthew LI [08M1], a year ago

I was a student at bradbury and it was realy great. Lots of education Good teachers Lots of activities


Hugo BAILEY [6H], a month ago

I go to this school and it’s pretty good


I am a Student that went here, a year ago

No doubt that BS give a great education for students but when compared to other ESF primary or primary/secondary schools it lacks lessons such as drama and art(actually taught by an art teacher). I also think that the leadership team is really poor and they tend to unsympathetic, there was this one time in which i had accidentally offended another person and VP of the upper school had spent the day giving a bad attitude and nit picking every tiny thing he noticed and he didn't tell me until a long time after the fact. When you get in trouble with a member the the leadership team the whole process is biased against who is favoured by the leadership team member, this does tend to be against the person who did the bad thing however they normally overlook thing that the victim did to lead up to the event leading to a unjust punishment. The leadership team does not practice "innocent until proven guilty" and a lot of people got in trouble for things they didn't do as they the VPs would not listen. When they are confronted by parents they also go in to damage control mode and sometimes lie or give multiple excuses to the parent to defend themselves. A lot of my peers do feel the same about BS and its really unfortunate that we remember the few bad moment that we had there.

45 other schools in Hong Kong

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