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BJP Elite Academy is a private school, accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education. Our school offers English Cambridge curriculum and French curriculum.

The English curriculum starts from Nursery and continues up until IGSCE and can be followed by GED.
We educate our students in a multicultural environment.

We keep our class sizes small to provide all students the attention needed and to maximise student’s performance to ensure they recieve a high quality level of education.

We believe that all children are unique, that is why our teachers and administrator are committed to helping them develop their unique abilities and talents to attain their full potential and develop their confidence.

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3 to 16

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7 Reviews of BJP Elite Academy

Average Ratings

Overall 2.80
Facilities 3.50
Academics 2.50
Teachers 3.50
Sports 4.00
Music & Arts 2.50
Science & Tech 2.00

Reviewer Nationalities

Thai (1) Canadian (1)

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Paulo, 10/05/2023 @ 03:33:34
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

Great private school for English courses (friend in french course is happy too)

Senyacee, 25/04/2023 @ 18:34:39
Relationship   Pupil

Music & Arts

As a current student, I will say: The administration and most teachers abuse their power a lot, they use intimidation, threats and corporal punishment to make students comply to rules that are absolutely unnecessary. There is NEVER compromise with them if a student disagrees or are not able to do something. everyone seems to be unqualified for their jobs. the teachers don’t teach, they more-of just babysit you while you self-study. since each class consists of 2 grades combined, and most classes are an hour long, it means that all the students are forced to wait for half the lesson in order to be taught and for their period to end. the amount of racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny and sexual assault i’ve seen and heard by BOTH students and teachers is insane and have never been dealt with. there are very few resources if any for students to use in order to help them reach their potential. only damaged and misprinted textbooks are given to us and are extremely outdated. grades are 100% only based on exams, which dismisses the effort students put in for homework, schoolwork and projects. (these are also rarely ever checked.) some short comments i will make - - there are only 3 bathroom stalls for the ENTIRE school for each gender, and ONLY 2 are available to students. no tollet paper inside the stalls, only one communal roll outside, next to the door. - there is no school nurse, just a first aid kit, and the directress is reluctant to give medication out. (i was refused ONE Tylenol pill when i had a migraine because i “wasn’t on the verge of collapsing”. there was a whole bottle available.) - dress-code seems to sexualize girls, they are still children at the end of the day and shouldn’t be seen as promiscuous. instead, they should teach boys to control themselves. - Thai and any other language besides French and English are not allowed to be spoken. we are in Thailand, and Thai is literally taught within the school. this is an international school, we should be able to speak our language. - the director uses intimidation and threats so much to the point where i feel like the students and even the teachers have a genuine fear of him and will make sure they ‘behave’ when he is around. both the directress and the director are extremely two-faced. (in my opinion, he is literally the scariest man i’ve ever met and anything is able to tick him off) - the teachers have favorites and they don’t think they make it obvious but they do, and all the students know. tl;dr - this school is so horrible that you will forget what you payed for in the first place. you would never believe how bad it is until you’ve experienced it. it will ruin you.

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Александра Борисова, 2 years ago

Love this school and kindergarten. ❤

Google logoRating: 

Efen Eden, 3 months ago

Teacher looked down my shirt to see if I was a male or female. Doesn't teach Thai history which should be taught. Only teaches British history. Don't like the unnecessary rules, but there are some good teachers here. Like teacher Pam and teacher Edward. There is one teacher that isn't very good, and never teaches and talks a lot, but I never said anything. It's not a bad school. 7/10

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Polina Basharkina, 5 months ago

The school is pretty nice, and teachers are really nice! But there's a lot of unnecessary rules, and I(not only me, also my classmates) felt REALLY uncomfortable because of one student(i was telling teacher and director about him, but nothing changed) Everything else is okay I think.

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Mai Nampho, a year ago

There are many unnecessary rules in the school that they shouldn't have

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Peter Russell, 3 years ago

School to avoid. Poor organisation. Levels of students very approximate.

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