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Berlin, Germany 

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Berlin Bilingual School, a unique and vibrant school in one of the most exciting cities in the world. We are a school with dedicated, committed and hard-working teachers and educators. We provide a challenging bilingual curriculum for children whose families have settled in Berlin.

As a school we seek to take our pupils and students on a journey of educational and personal development, a journey which harnesses the merits of bilingual German and English education, celebrates cultural diversity and instills a love for learning. We encourage our pupils to be curious about and open to the world around them, become independent thinkers and be ready and prepared to be challenged and challenge themselves in preparation for what the future may hold for them. We prepare our students for German as well as international qualifications. Our students work hard to achieve their academic goals but as important as academic progress is the personal development of our students and the pastoral care we provide for every child. We encourage every child to follow their own interests, develop and share their talents and pursue other interests in order to allow them to become well-rounded people. 





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18 other schools in Berlin

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Klaus G, 19/12/2019 @ 20:02:57

My son comes home every day happy and confident. There is a great community around the school as well - highly recommended!

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camilla beglan, 2 years ago

This is a really great school. Bi-lingual right up to 13th grade. The secondary students get to do the German and the British curriculum so have two sets of qualifications. The ethos of the school is one of inclusion and cultivation of critical thinking. The teachers are international as are the children and they share all those different perspectives in the service of joint learning. Wonderful school


Zedleta ., 8 months ago

An incredible school filled with brilliant teachers and awesome kids, I really enjoyed my time here. I love the fact that it's a warm and friendly community of people from all around the world, the sense of togetherness is very comforting and makes you feel even more at home than you already are. Thank you for having me.


Inga Burgmann, a year ago

I love this school! The children are wonderful, from many different cultures around the world and so are the teachers!


Mira Tanna-Händel, 3 years ago

My son is in the secondary school in the 9th Grade and I am very satisfied and know that he is happy and progressing too. The school comes with my best recommendations. The school building is a very good state and the location is convenient to get to.The staff are highly qualified and enthusiastic. The parents can get involved in many school groups and contribute to the running of the school.


Jay Kaufmann, 3 years ago

The kids enjoy going to school and learn competitively to other places -- in native English and native German. The parent initiative format makes for a very strong sense of community.

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