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At Beijing BISS International School, interpersonal relationships are of great importance. Since we are a small school, it is much easier for us to establish these relationships and respond with agility to the various constituent groups. For example, many of our parents have difficulty communicating with us in English. Thus, we established adult language classes in both English and Chinese, so that the language barriers would be diminished. We also offer numerous modes to enhance home-school communication, such as email, communication books, Study-wiz, Moodle, telephone, WeChat, Facebook, newsletters, parent-teacher meetings, seminars, and face-to-face drop-in and chat opportunities.

Students at BISS use engaging technologies in collaborative, inquiry-based learning environments with teachers who are willing and able to use technology’s power to assist in transforming knowledge and skills into products, solutions and new information. This includes using a 1:1 mobile computer and iPad model, as well as our Content Management System initiatives for virtual sharing and learning. A 21st Century Learner at BISS has the tools and the support to connect, communicate and collaborate across the school and, just as easily, across the world. In addition all learners at BISS are able to create products, often in collaboration with others not at BISS that solve problems and make a difference to the world, as we know it. At BISS, we believe that technology skills and digital literacy should be fully integrated into all curriculum areas and teaching. During the elementary school years, students will develop appropriate tech skills that they can utilize in every subject. Technology will be used as a tool in all areas of learning and a BISS student will become fluent in the use of technology to further their learning and have the appropriate skills to do this.

All teachers and students at BISS are expected to use digital technology, including computers, mobile devices, school network facilities and associated online tools in an ethical, culturally sensitive and appropriate manner for an educational community. At all times BISS community members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which is cognizant of the rights, feeling and freedoms of others as well as themselves. Due consideration must be given at all times to the effects one's actions have on other members of the BISS community, the host country and our global community. When using digital technologies at home or at school, digital citizenship in terms of responsible, reliable and respectful use is expected.

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