Bangkok Patana School
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Bangkok, Thailand 

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Overall: (4.2 from 6 reviews)
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Ages:2 to 18 Primary Language:English
Curriculum:English, IB Max Class Size:Unknown

As the oldest British international school in Thailand, we are proud to embody the best of British values with an international outlook. Our curriculum is broad and balanced. From Nursery to Year 13, it links to the English National Curriculum with assessments taking place at key points. We are committed to the rigour of British education and emphasise hard work, integrity, strong moral principles and fairness. We provide diverse opportunities for our students to explore new areas and discover their passions. Our strong pastoral system supports student well-being and allows them to fulfil their potential.





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77 other schools in Bangkok

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Bonnie Zellerbach, 28/08/2019 @ 06:31:38

Bangkok Patana School is a wonderful place to send your children. The teachers, beautiful campus, amazing sports, arts and science facilities, the academic programs - the list goes on. The school constantly tries to improve itself and my only regret is that some of the wonderful facilities that exist currently (sensory area in early years for example) were built after my own children were too old to use them.

Facilities: Academics:
Teachers: Sports:
Music & Arts: Science & Tech:

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Jasmine Crystaline, 5 months ago

This is one of the best schools I’ve been in... I miss this school a lot. ( I was in this school from Year 1-5) A few of my favorite events(?) -international day -Christmas assembly (Santa)


Keira Lee, a year ago

Patana is a great school. The facilities are good along with brilliant teaching techniques. Although the school is a little cheap and wants more money from the families (E.g. You can't charge your laptops there since it will make the electricity bill go up) and the staff are sometimes lazy, the school has many good students that now lead excellent lives. I have a kid going there and he is loving it!


Georg Verweyen, a year ago

Bangkok Patana is one of the top international schools in Thailand. Excellent British curriculum education in small groups, offered by well-trained, highly motivated teachers. Just the traffic situation is a bit difficult and the school fees can of course be a challenge.


S.A. M., a month ago

The facilities and curriculum at this school are fantastic. That being said, the school management is disorganised and the school is ridiculously expensive and overpriced. It does pain me to write this because this school could do so much better if the school management were better organised. Notice how all the positive reviews of the school don't get as much attention as the negative ones.


Mark mk, a year ago

Terrible school. I had 3 kids in the school. We have been in 3 countries Beijing, HK and Bangkok. This was the worse. Arrogant teachers and school Management, self delusional into thinking they are the best and curriculum is basic, Hidden costs are everywhere and to top it off - blatantly racist. Very pretentious PTG with very club like atmosphere. Not very worth the values I would expect from a School nor the type of values I desire my children to have. Management operates a business rather than a school. Its all bottomlines. Regret that I had to pay 2M thb to find out

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