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Bangalore International School (BIS) endeavours to promote the all-round development of children. We are a close-knit family that focuses on giving individual attention to each student and making learning accessible to all.

With the right combination of universal and Indian values, we believe in helping every child grow into a responsible citizen and a good human being.

In the 60s and 70s, there were many American families living in the city, but the local schools did not offer a North American model of instruction. The idea of sending their children to a boarding school did not appeal to Eloise R. Bennett and her family (the founders of BIS ). They decided to open their own school in a garage on Millers Road which came to be known as the American Community School and later as Bangalore International School.

Today, Bangalore International School is an institution where global education is seamlessly integrated with positive social values, coupled with creative freedom that equips every student with necessary life skills.

At BIS we constantly endeavour to nurture students to become responsible citizens and the school’s inclusive environment ensures that every learner is offered an exposure that goes beyond text books.

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4 to 18

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5 Reviews of Bangalore International School (BIS)

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Google logoRating: 

Abhilasha Stephen, 11 months ago

Amazing teachers and the school does a great job teaching social/emotional skills and academics. I belive outstanding feature for my child. I'm so so so Blessed to send my child to this School.....Thanks BIS

Google logoRating: 

bhavani sunder, 6 months ago

Best school ever

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govind godara, 8 months ago

I like it school Nd facilities

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S A C Jull, a week ago

If you care for your child to learn anything other than English, then do not make the grave mistake of sending your child to this school where the principal and the heads of various department only know English and nothing else. Poor pedagogy: They are ill-prepared to teach middle and high school math, any sciences, any language other than English. Teachers are poorly trained and result in being technology-challenged,. This makes it very hard for them to cope with the pandemic situation,. They are unable to stick to syllabus or any proper plan. Poor choices: This parent-run school has chosen to invest money in physical playground during a pandemic even after knowing the pandemic results in it hardly being used. Instead of investing into learning apps that would have mimicked classroom situations better. Resulting online school has kids bored and ill focussed. There is hardly any online classroom participation. School is hardly stimulating, with students on their own when it comes to academic prowess. They have archaic models of exam invigilation because nobody in the school knows how to research learning management systems. They only focus on English in a world which is challenging Britain's linguistic imperialism. They also focus on creating entertainers. Children from this school will sing and dance well. Focus is on English songs, christmas celebration, church choir music and the like. If this is what you want for your child, go ahead. Very old world. Very colonial. Very ill-planned for a fast-changing world. BIS teachers are either very poor in pedagogical skills especially in middle and high school or completely lacking in integrity. They seldom keep to their word. Other parents: Parents of most students in this school are of two kinds. One could hardly give a damn about learning subjects like Physics, chemistry, sustainability , math and genuine education. The other kind cares but is filled with fear to question the school in any form or manner because of the tyrannical attitude of silencing dissenters school management shows. School has bullied this second type of parent through words like "do not interfere". The fault also lies in the mix of the students and their backgrounds. Parents of most students are hands-off parents. Half-hearted inclusiveness: The school calls itself inclusive only to appease. They really do not wish for their children with learning disabilities to become confident people capable of standing on their own two feet. Learning outcomes are very very poor. The ecosystem is a take-it-easy one that does not adequately. challenge the other extreme of a high pressure traditional convent school that has 60 kids in every class and forces scripture dogma on non-christian kids. No pressure inclusive school does not mean teachers don't teach. Save yourself some trouble and do not put your child in this school unless you want to regret it or unless you too just want school to be over for your kids but at the end of 12 years, your kids won't be prepared for the real world at all. Lack of transparency: They do not put their words in writing. Neither does the school respond to emails with adequate information. Their emails are vague and always lacking information. If you read till here, means you care. Thanks for your attention.

Google logoRating: 

Dhriti Arjun, a year ago

Toxic school culture and inadequate art and design resources. Would not recommend.

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