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Axcel International School aims to provide an education curricula that takes into account not only success in studies, but also the future careers of our pupils. Besides academic content, life skills such as financial intelligence, pitching/presentation, futuristic creativity and problem solving are included in the Axcel curriculum as a subject. We aim to blend theoretical study with practical work in order to ensure pupils’ active participation in class.

We have a team of qualified and experienced teachers & coaches who are excellent at engaging participants in class. They are specialists in their respective subjects and have conducted classes, tuition lessons, workshops and coaching.

At Axcel International School, we stress on building strong characters and discipline to ensure our students can grow into becoming responsible and upright citizens.

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11 to 16

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Benjamin Lee, 3 weeks ago

Good curriculum and teaching method, teachers are dedicated although they look younger than they are. Syllabus are more relevant into real world, good mix and emphasis on mixed skills, not just purely academics. And virtual video parent seminars/parent day effort (despite MCO) engagement is a plus point effort conducted by school mgmt for parents, over weekend, optional but I'll make an effort to join when i can.

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S. W. Hwong, a year ago

My daughter is studying here. She really likes the school. Homework and assignment requires some creativity rather than copying from book. Their teaching method more open and encourages kid to think more. They also have Axcel Programmes which has a lot of interesting activities. They also have financial literacy activity that teaches the kid how to manage money. Overall, i would highly recommend this school.

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Jessica Tham, a year ago

Well-recommended school. Axcel provides a holistic curriculum beyond academic excellence where they see the importance of educating children with the right attitude while acquiring essential life skills and gain knowledge from in and outside of classroom.

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PS Lim, a year ago

The greatest changes I have seen in my daughter after joining Axcel for 1 year plus is her character changed. She is much open now to speak in front of crowd, more decisive and independent. Besides academy, the various activities in school such as Entrepreneur day, Philanthropy Day has helps prepare students for their future social life. Only one little disappointment is my daughter didn't have a chance to join uniform co-curriculum and field sports due to limitation of campus facilities. This was expected for an affordable international school but I believe many parents will be very happy if school can make this happens.

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Loh Xin Kai, 4 months ago

Previously I posted a review about the poor, bad and disrespectful management. Apparently the owner did replied and apparently I am unable to post a reply to my own comment on Google. I understand that you are looking for dedicated teachers for your academy. However, you were also given the opportunity to review each of the applicants beforehand. All my details, academic achievements and status were mentioned clearly in my resume and if you do not feel convinced on my results then please do not call me in for interview. The same goes for other applicants. If you feel that The candidate can’t teach a certain subject, then please don’t ask them for a interview session. I worked in a recruitment agency and we scan through hundred of applicant’s resume before submitting to our client. We still do our best in making sure only those people who are qualified are being sent to our client. I had gone for 9 interview session over the past one month. This academy was the 8th academy that interviewed me and I can honestly say that of all the interview session I have attended, this academy’s was the worst. Interviewer showed little to no interest at all during the interview. Of the 9 that interviewed me, 4 gave me an offer and I signed the offer for the first academy that offered me. When people ask you where your company is located, we at least expect a proper response and not just ask that person to go see on Google themselves. Not everyone is from that particular area. If it is the Prime Minister asking you the same question, would you reply the same to his majesty? If today the CEO of Deloitte is talking to you, would you still be doing your own things and doesn’t even look at that person when they are talking to you? Anyway, as professional, I believe we should all treat one another with respect regardless of who they are. A wiseman once said this, “If you want to see the value of a company, look at how the company treats its employee and not the customers” This is just my personal experience.

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