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Here at Asociación Escuelas Lincoln we offer an education to the highest standards, focused on academic excellence and developing confident, ethical world citizens. Our program integrates Argentine, American and IB curriculums. We provide a unique learning experience where requirements of the Argentine and North American-accredited diplomas are integrated, Lincoln teachers facilitate learning by encouraging students to take responsibility of their own learning through guided inquiry experiences.

At Lincoln School we are proud of our rich community of learning for both students and staff and we are striving to provide students with the academic and social skills that will allow them to contribute successfully in our globalized world.  

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American, Argentinian, IB

Primary Language



4 to 17

Max Class Size


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5 Reviews of Asociación Escuelas Lincoln

Average Ratings

Overall 3.50
Facilities 5.00
Academics 4.00
Teachers 4.00
Sports 4.00
Music & Arts 5.00
Science & Tech 5.00

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How would you rate Asociación Escuelas Lincoln?

TQ Wang, 02/04/2020 @ 01:40:17
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

You see? While someone made bad comments about the school, fear of being deleted, this is not gonna happen, as I am not searching a place to throw sh...t to someone, I came to this website searching info of school to recommend to friends... Indeed, I expirmented 3 years in this school and is Fantastic! Personalized almost everything for everyone! excellent treatment and respect for parents and children. even in quarantine time (COVID-19), I am very happy with the new superintendent Mis Madeleine, yeas she has done something well, fire some "influencers" who had "root" in the school community, each of them is fired for a good reason. Maybe those bad comments and feel to the school come from the old era (last superintendent), not impacted me as we were a new family here (3 years). Let's see others comment from now.

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Ed Morrow, a year ago

Went to this school for four and a half years beginning in 1951. We were 39 in my graduating class and spoke 27 languages from five continents. We learned as much from each other as we did from our teachers, many of whom were moonlighting university professors. Our class members, and the ones immediately ahead and behind ours, have stayed in touch for decades. I still have close friends from my school years here. I hope the diversity of the student body is still as varied as it was then, for that gave all of us an invaluable perspective that served us superbly as we made our way in life.

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Leonardo Frydman, 2 weeks ago

Asociación Escuelas Lincoln --> MONEY oriented business which only cares about its IMAGE. Teachers --> As any other school good and bad teachers yet the way the school's functions doesn't allow good teachers to engage with their students or use innovative techniques within their teaching. Students --> Students are great yet their ideas are completely ignored within the school if it takes money and doesn't generate money to the school its not a good idea. Students DON'T have a voice. Regarding the mental health of students, most of them are going throw some type of depression which I directly link to the school ambition to terminate personal interaction between students and teachers. Directors --> Students are put in their placed by the directors through fear, by threatening students with suspensions or the withdraw of the IB Diploma. Directors LACK PASSION in the field of education and are extremely UNPREPARED to work with kids which are still in development. I've attended Lincoln for 5 years and don't regret attending or graduating there, however, every singles student at Lincoln feels disappointed/ashamed regarding the way the school is drifting from the area of education to a more business perspective. Most 5 star comments are made by people paid by school.... And most bad comments just "disappear"

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Jose Assy, 3 weeks ago

I've recently graduated this school but I've studied in it for 10 years, here are my complaints I really like the teachers in general, but the school needs to get a better system of hiring them because one really bad teacher can mess up the whole class The school does not listen to its students, it takes too much pressure to make a single change. Student council is an excuse for a student body government, they can't make significant change and it isn't because of a lack of trying. The last super intendent was incompetent but he didn't do anything significantly bad. The new one however fired a man that was deeply rooted in the Lincoln culture and worked as the head of security for over 10 years. So basically, I would never work in Lincoln in the future if I'd be let go of if my opinions differ from that of the supreme leader Madeline Basically, I want to let whoever is reading this know that the school does not follow almost all of its statements, it doesn't encourage communication, because communication is not a one-way street and they should know that. I'm disappointed in knowing the current state of the school, it raised to be the person I am today and it makes me mad to see them going back on their word per say If this post is deleted than my point will be made for me.

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CrackshotMax ., 2 years ago

I have not had a good experience going here. I don't mind the teachers or the classes, but its the kids themselves. I don't know if its because I'm a Trump supporter, or if its because I'm not a pampered rich kid (all the others that go here), but, regardless, being socially excluded every single day is pretty depressing for me. Also, not a fan of how the embassy pushed Lincoln, even though there are many better schools for the same price they extort you for here. I strongly do not recommend enrolling your children here, try a different bilingual school, a local one (if you know Spanish well enough), boarding, or homeschool instead. Glad I'm leaving after finishing my grade.

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