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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

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4 to 18 English
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Al Dhafra Private School is well-respected and established with approximately 1400 students, meeting the needs of the local Emirati and diverse international community. Al Dhafra is on a very exciting journey and has recently received a very positive Inspection Reports, from the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) and also from our accreditation body, AdvancEd. At Al Dhafra we believe in developing the whole child, with a focus on academic excellence and personal development and wellbeing. We offer our students opportunities which provide them with a significant advantage when seeking places at university, and for the past few year 100% of our graduating students have been successful in being accepted by universities, both locally and internationally. The school empowers its teachers to fulfill their roles successfully as well as providing outstanding professional development. Al Dhafra enjoys the benefits of dynamic, experienced leadership, excellent modern facilities, a vibrant learning community, dedicated teachers and supportive governance.





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62 other schools in Abu Dhabi

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M A, 2 years ago

It is one the most phenomenal schools to study at. Everything there is so perfect. the supervisors and admins are very nice and they hold a ton of fun activities. The school knows how to balance education and entertainment together, so much so that if a student was to move to a new school, they won't be able to have that experience again. The principal, Mr Daniel is a very nice person and he communicates with others as a friend. He listens to students and he understand their point of view. I GIVE MY ABSOLUTE THANKS TO ALL THE SCHOOL ADMINS OUT THERE. KEEP SMILING YOU ARE AWESOME TTVTT (Ps the new school i go to sucks)


Pranoy Madhusoodanan, 11 months ago

Great football ground


Alia ALjefrei, a year ago

I’m going to this school and a lot of people sponsor it and I think it a good school


Popular popcorn,, a year ago

Nice atmosheare


Waleed Almazrooei, 11 months ago

Teachers don’t explain in class. In classes students shout play use phones and bring Viping machines. Teachers and Heads of the school doesn’t listen to students and parents sugessstions for the school. The school care more about teachers than students.

62 other schools in Abu Dhabi

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