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ACS Athens is a student-centered international school, embracing American educational philosophy, principles and values. Through excellence in teaching and diverse educational experiences, ACS Athens challenges all students to realize their unique potential: academically, intellectually, socially and ethically — to thrive as responsible global citizens.

The official and instruction language in all grades is American English, except of course the modern language classes (Greek, French, German, Chinese, Spanish etc.). The ACS Athens student population consists of more than 60 nationalities from around the world. The top nationalities include students from the United States, Greece, Canada, United Kingdom, East Asia and the Middle East.

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IB, American

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3 to 18

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6 Reviews of ACS Athens - American Community Schools

Average Ratings

Overall 4.00
Facilities 3.00
Academics 1.00
Teachers 3.00
Sports 3.00
Music & Arts 1.00
Science & Tech 3.00

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Kali, 04/12/2021 @ 20:43:31
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

There is no yelling or screaming by teachers which is better than the British School that is in the north. Their facilities are acceptable. The teachers are a mix bag. The first year, my child's homeroom teacher was not experienced and lacked organization. The second and third year, our teachers were excellent. But many of these teachers are not paid well, and it seems it affects their performance. The school lacks organization. I have many tales to tell of this. But one that tops my list, is when I had a parent teacher conference, I was instructed by email to go to a specific classroom to meet my child's teacher. I met the teacher, introduced myself and we had a 6 minute conversation of how well my child was doing. That night, when I talked to my child about her positive performance in this class, she tells me that she never had this teacher. Not only did the teacher make up a story about my daughter, but the school send me the wrong information about who I was to meet. Despite the name, the school does not have a community amongst families. The school does nothing to encourage a community, except through parents teacher association. And the parent teacher association needs *permission to get xyz done. The system is not productive. The school practically encourages kids to use their phones because it is allowed during lunch break in middle school. As a result, kids are not encouraged to socialize respectfully. The school also does not give recess and only an hour break for lunch. During lock down, the school forced students up to 8 hours of computer use a day. It was horrible. Finally, a parent needs to jump through hoops to be heard or to ask a question. In fact, if a parent wants to respond to an announcement, she/ he has to go through the parent association. So, their inquiry is never private and it's dealt with in a round about way. The school needs pay their employees well and spend money on where it counts. The last I heard, the previous principal was getting paid $150K annually while teachers were getting paid 1k a month.

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Ada Van Vloten, 8 months ago

I honor Cokie Roberts, renowned journalist, who served as PTA leader when her children were students here. Today we remember so many memorable, honorable actions, a leader to follow!

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Oliver Bailey, 6 months ago

Excellent school!

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Marievi Sklavounou, a year ago

ACS Athens is the best school . GREAT education and GREAT environment . The teachers are on point and they are not bullying the students like other schools. They help the students to succeed and achieve their goals. Recommend to all!

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Iris Selmpesi, a year ago

Excellent School! Great teachers, classes, and students. 100% would recommend. p.s. this review is about ACS Athens (the school) NOT the ACS Courier (don't write your complaints about the courier here)

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I Am My New Beginning, a year ago

The BEST SCHOOL I ever went to. I highly recommend it. Diana Julita

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