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If there is one gift we can give to our children, is a great education. At Abedeen Academy International School (Abedeen) our students are imbued with Islamic values and a meaningful connection to their common cultural heritage, at the same time given a solid academic grounding.

A rock solid academic programme together with a strong foundation of the Islamic teaching is a core part of the curriculum, earning Abedeen the Islamic Education Excellence award as the best Islamic school in Malaysia. Abedeen develops world leaders by combining outstanding academic achievement, character building, knowledge based unlimited exposure, multicultural awareness, international environment readiness and deep understanding of Islam and life values.

Welcome to our school! Explore our site to find out how Abedeen encourages critical and creative thinking, engages students intellectually and fosters the growth of moral integrity. Whether in Selangor or Putrajaya, call us for a personal tour of Abedeen Academy International School, your private international Islamic school.




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56 other schools in Kuala Lumpur

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Taranjit Kaur, 8 months ago

Truly an awesome school where education meets values. The main objective of Abedeen is to produce future generations of well-adjusted and also well-educated Leaders. I personally feel values are essential for students in this era to be successful.


Sa'ddiq MSS, 8 months ago

Experiencing a positive environment in school is a great place for student to broaden their knowledge and achieve their dreams. Abedeen Academy is the place to help you. At Abedeen Academy, every student will experience a great time learning as the teachers are very keen to teach until the student understand. I am a former student of Abedeen Academy who currently pursuing my Degree in Quantity Surveying in London. (I can make it, why can’t you?)


Areej Hamdani, 11 months ago

It’s one kind of new education systems , that focusing on increasing the desire of seeking knowledge by the students with the teacher’s support and supervision. The clinics are open all school hours for helping any student. It’s good environment for exchanging the knowledge and experience. The teachers with great value is a must in the school so the students will have great models to follow. This school is not suitable for whom looking for traditional and old school that only care about the certificate of student , it’s the place for whom seeking for developing the educational , experience, skills , and values to be great leaders in the future.


Syakina Shorbaini, 8 months ago

They have a unique method to expose their students to a more effective studying skills. Most schools this days only focus on the performance in class and when they graduate from high school, it is harder for them to adapt to a much complex learning environment such as in higher education. I am also touched by the fact that Abedeen Academy takes care of their students, not only on their studies but also their belief.

56 other schools in Kuala Lumpur

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