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Anonymous, 16/10/2019 @ 17:42:57

It’s good the new building is nice but there is no break area just a hallway outside. Teachers are fine and learning is fine too one of the better schools in the eastern province

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Siraj Ahmed, 6 months ago

Spent 5 or 6 years at BISAK and I loved it! Great environment, fantastic teachers and overall it just felt like home.


Mohammed Din, a year ago

honestly i think this school is really good for all ages. the best thing is that the teachers try their best to help their pupils.


osmvnii, 2 months ago

Update: I have been in this school for 11 years its ok but ever since the new head of secondary had been appointed they have been focusing more on students uniform rather than their education which is pathetic and have also been handling behaviour i still feel that there is still some room for improvement for example some teachers don't really explain chapters very well or are not understanding what the students are asking for help on or even giving out detentions for doing nothing at all but overall the learning experience is okay for some subjects and good for others and the people are kind as well


Muwattin Leebi, 4 months ago

Standard of teachers the school is hiring is falling at an alarming rate. The school is getting worse by the week! Since Leo Gilbert was appointed as Head teacher its become more like a juvenile detention centre. Management are more focused on school uniform than childrens education and teachers are cold and mean and seem like they are not humans and more like robots. The atmosphere has become toxic and not conducive of an environment that fosters a childs growth, love of learning, an inquisitive mind and overall positive development and teachers prefer that students are more like lifeless dummies who just listen to what the teacher says without asking questions. This style of teaching is completely different to the American system and thats why I withdrew my son from the school and he has thrived ever since!

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