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Sara Almotawa, 3 years ago

This place is amazing I’m only there for 6 years great education

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Caleb A, 2 years ago

Great school just needs a building improvement! :)

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Agent Hotdog, a year ago

This school is absolutely terrible. I’m a grade 7-10 student at Als and I can tell u that it is a bad option for you or your kids and here’s why: The Students: you come to this school for the first day you are welcome by everyone and everything’s wonderful. Then day 2 comes so u approach people to say hi and people you sat with the other day, and surprised they act like they don’t know u and like u never existed. The hidden truth behind Als that no one tells u is the segregation the school tries to hide that fact but at the end of the day there are groups in lunch groups in class and groups for projects people don't welcome other, instead they bully them make fun of where they come from, and bring them down. I’ve had though experiences with teachers some of which harassed me verbally. The good teachers in the school are a rare breed. The learning in school is highly and mainly self directed meaning that the teacher doesn’t teach instead just sits in the class and watches over the students. I personally found it very hard to study this way and so did many of the other kids as u can’t even ask questions and some teachers refuse to answer if u ask more than 3 questions. As for tests teachers in this school grade unfairly. I have been verbally harassed by most of the students and a few teachers. That particular experience along with many others has lowered my self esteem as well as my self worth I have had many suicidal thoughts since coming to this school and it mainly came from teachers. This school not only has terrible students and teachers it also has an extensive amount of rules that create a lot of tension on students here are some examples (and in NO way am I making this up this is absolutely the truth and only the truth though it is hard to believe) Here we go: No books to school or u get detention No sweats ripped jeans No walking around during lunch No gum No phones No hats No hotspot tho the school doesn’t provide good wifi And many more THIS SCHOOL IS EXTREMELY HORID!!!

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Nic, a year ago

This school is the worst school ever and the teachers dont care about anything other than money. Scam

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