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2 schools found in Cluj-Napoca

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Royal School in Transylvania 

4.6 from 10 reviews
Curriculum:English Primary Language:English
Age Range:4 to 18 Max Class Size:20

Royal School in Transylvania (RST) is the newest accredited international school in Cluj-Napoca and teaches the National Curriculum of England and Wales from Reception through to Year 13. All teaching is delivered through English language, and KS1-2 lessons begin with literacy and ... Read More

Cluj-Napoca, Romania 

Transylvania College 

3.1 from 8 reviews
Curriculum:English,Romanian Primary Language:English
Age Range:2 to 18 Max Class Size:24

Transylvania College, Cluj is a student-centered school, offering a complete educational path, from nursery to high school. It is the only international school in Cluj-Napoca and in the region accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education, which has been awarded official BSO (Br... Read More

Cluj-Napoca, Romania 
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