What makes One World International School a great place to work

What makes One World International School a great place to work

The most important consideration when choosing a school (or any place of work for that matter) is to ensure that your personal value set matches those of the school and the wider school community. 

OWIS’ ethos is centred around kindness, and I cannot think of anything more rewarding than teaching students while instilling an appreciation of others and the wider world. This mission extends beyond the students; the management team and my teaching colleagues at OWIS ensure that we are supported and connected.

Katie Adler OWISStaff are encouraged to grow and learn through internal Professional Development sessions (often run by staff members) and by regular check-ins with managers. This helps to ensure that we are always learning the most up-to-date ways to teach our students. 

This method of management truly offers a ‘practice what you preach’ approach towards staff. Our feedback-based process of growth to improve student outcomes is not only one that is practised in the classroom. We use this model to reflect on our own teaching to help set goals and be accountable for improvement.

In the international school system, there is an opportunity for many nationalities to come together. At OWIS, this diversity is authentic and varied. We have students and staff that represent over 70 countries; as such, staff are given the opportunity to be involved in learning about different cultures alongside the students. International Day, Holiday Assemblies and informal discussions with students allow us rich and meaningful opportunities to learn about different nationalities, heritage and further connect us with our students.

The wider school community, particularly the OWIS Parent Committee and parents of students, make the role of teaching at OWIS very enjoyable. As academic and non-academic staff, we have seen the community come together to support the student body with such tasks as International Day and the Christmas Concert. 

They have spent endless hours planning and decorating all for the enjoyment of the staff and students. Not to mention the lovely breakfast organised for Teacher Appreciation Day. All of this makes OWIS more than just a school: it is a community. Because of this, staff feel connected to students, parents and each other, making OWIS a really great place to work.

By Catherine Adler
Secondary English Teacher
One World International School

You can find out more about OWIS here.

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Ian Ryder

Ian has lived in three different countries with his family of five. He currently teaches ICT in an international school near Barcelona.


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