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Overall: (2.5 from 4 reviews)
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Ages:4 to 18 Primary Language:English
Curriculum:Indian Max Class Size:Unknown

Students of YBIS are guided in the path to understand and conserve nature. Students are involved in projects and activities in lieu with N Park’s attempt to maintain Singapore as a garden city. The butterfly garden at our school serves as evidence to our students love for nature.





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51 other schools in Singapore

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mathangi sivakumar, a year ago

Really a worthy international school with very good teaching staffs and moderate fees,compared with rest of the isl . Principal and all management heads are quite approachable and I am personally happy and proudly recommend any new comments to join this great school.


Krishna Murthy, 4 months ago

Not sure about the school yet, but my experience with the one who receives the call (Admin) is really bad. Called the number to get details on admission, she gave me a timeline to call back, did call, again changed the time, happened 4 times and still awaiting! this kind of arrogant attitude makes me feel really bad abt the school. Update1: Changing to 3 Star: Managed to visit the center today for admission, f2f experience was a bit diff, most were polite and accommodating, managed to talk to few parents before going and it was a +ve feeling and felt good about it. management should look into the staffs workload and balance it, as my previous call experience wasnt that great, i believe its either work load or proper instructions for the front office to provide when parents calls them. It would have been good if management provides some kind of curriculum/course details, snack time for kids etc to parents when they visit for admission, or probably a Inquiry booth as all were busy in admission process and was difficult to get answers. will update again after 6months.


Black Mamba, 2 weeks ago

The school students n the parents are hooligans they like to scream for nothing and litter around the near by blocks. I think this india attitude the place use to be peaceful until the hooligans came.


Nana Nono, 2 weeks ago

Disappointing school experience. As a student who studied both upper secondary and secondary school in ybis, I was stripped off of any childhood memories. There were absolutely no CCAs. There were absolutely no preparation or even mention about other examinations such as SATs or ielts. Teachers were really rude and sexist. The ex vice principal, was extremely intrusive with the upper secondary students, commenting on an individual's profile picture very rudely. The English teacher who shows affinity towards malayalis, holds grudges on students for making petty mistakes and picks on students with a personal vengeance, constantly. Apart from this, teachers are also very sexist and have a weird rule where both girls and boys cannot even communicate or be good friends. There is absolutely no sex education thus completely avoiding topics about consent and how to deal with harrassment or topics regarding good touch or bad touch. Studying in yuvabharathi will be a bad decision if you don't want to mentally traumatize your son/daughter. Avoid this school, you might as well put your child in local school, where you have a higher chance of getting into nus or NTU, even if it is through poly route.

51 other schools in Singapore

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