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The British College of Gavà (BCG) started in September 2015 with children aged 3-12. The school grew rapidly over its first two years to the point where it expanded to incorporate all year groups from Nursery to Year 13 with children aged 3-18. Word of the good work of the school spread rapidly and gained the interest of local families who were looking for a new, unique and innovative education that previously wasn’t available.

The British College of Gavà is now a registered Edexcel examination centre and hosts GCSE and A Level examinations enabling leavers to progress to universities in the UK, Spain, the U.S., as well as other countries around the world. When we search for prospective teachers we have one word in mind. Can they ‘inspire’? Learning comes from within, and with our role at BCG as facilitators we aim to nurture motivated and determined students who have an intrinsic love for learning that drives them through the many challenges they face. Characterised by enthusiasm, professional ambition and a sense of responsibility, The British College of Gavà provides a stimulating alternative offering a high quality creative education with a distinctive style. In this sense, we are working towards achieving the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) status.


Carrer de Josep Lluís Sert, 32, Gavà
Barcelona  08850

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3 to 18

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The British College of Gavà (BCG)

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17 Reviews of The British College of Gavà (BCG)

Average Ratings

Overall 4.70
Facilities 4.60
Academics 4.20
Teachers 4.40
Sports 4.27
Music & Arts 4.33
Science & Tech 4.20

Reviewer Nationalities

Portuguese (1) Filipino (1) Brazilian (1) French (3) American (1) British (3) Spanish (4) Polish (1)

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Celia Martín , 09/02/2021 @ 09:27:53
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

Pérdida de dinero para mi y de nivel educativo para mi hija. Si quieres que tu hijo vaya solo a jugar y a divertirse, éste es su colegio. Si te importa su educación, quieres que adquiera valores, aprenda buen inglés y tenga un nivel aceptable en todas las asignaturas...éste no es el lugar. El problema es que para comprobar todo esto, antes tienes que pasar por caja y son 2900€ (matrícula) de riesgo. Mi hija ha perdido 1 año escolar en éste centro y NO se lo recomiendo a nadie. Es un centro nuevo y sólo quieren rellenar aulas y engordar la cuenta bancaria, NO les interesa si los alumnos aprenden o no. No hay comunicación fluida con los padres, las profesoras se limitan a pasarle mensajes a las madres encargadas de los grupos de WhatsApp y para enterarte de lo que pasa en la clase de tu hijo tienes que estar consultando el grupo a diario. Nunca he visto algo así. Por suerte reaccioné a tiempo, la cambié de colegio y en el británico que está ahora sí que se preocupan por su aprendizaje, la han puesto en un curso superior (como corresponde a su edad y nivel) y cuenta con refuerzo cuando lo necesita. Tienen una profesora de apoyo, cosa que en éste no tenían. Espero haber servido de ayuda.

Deborah Trench, 20/11/2020 @ 11:46:33
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

We are a British family that took our two children out of BCG in 2019. I can now look back at BCG with a level head and compare it to a British school in England. Attending BCG was a distressing and frustrating experience. By the time we left we were on headmaster number 3, who informed us all that the standard within the whole school was behind the national curriculum and in short, the school was a chaotic mess and he was there to sort it all out. Sadly, this headmaster was another total fail that turned out to be a bully and created an extremely toxic environment. We finally pulled out of the school in summer of 2019 when we found out the headmaster number 3 had been sacked (but not to worry as a replacement was a temporary measure until they found someone permanent!) and 31 teachers had either left or been sacked. It was the last straw. We had finally had enough of BCG! My children were happy in BCG and the greener environment rivals any school nearby, there were also some lovely children and families at the school. However the school totally lacked good leadership and experience. Unfortunately it is a business and too much emphasis has been put on the business rather than how to educate. There are few British families within the school, because the Brits know what the British education system should look like. Unfortunately speaking English and wearing a nice uniform is not enough to constitute a ¨good school". Parents that don’t know the system or do not speak English can be easily duped. We are now back in England and when our sons went into their local/public (not private) schools they were behind in every subject. The teachers could not believe we had been educating them ¨privately¨. I also realised how much more the schools in the UK offer in terms of drama, music, sport, current affairs, green topics, politics and personal development. It really made me open my eyes to just how substandard BCG was and how it did not offer an all round education. Moving them out of the school, especially for secondary was the best thing I could have done. Every year BCG states it has made mistakes and it needs to improve, but in the meanwhile it is your money and your children’s education that is suffering, due to their incompetence. Perhaps the school will change in years to come, it has potential to be wonderful if they can manage good leadership and maintain good staff. But so far, since 2015, there has been many changes in leadership and staff and blunder after blunder. I know international schools can have higher turnovers but would be fascinated to know exactly how many pupils and staff have left since 2015 - I think statistics would be astounding! My advice is to be careful of only looking at the aesthetics, being drawn in by their great marketing ploys and how they sell the school to you - they are good at that part! Go in with your eyes wide open and compare to other schools. Do your homework and learn about the British system. Think what is important to you and your family. Then make an educated decision.

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nacho kass, 4 months ago

"Where British Tradition meets Innovation" - Education In Excellence

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Gabriel Bellido Fernández-Montes, 2 months ago

Pues a mi me parece un colegio fantástico, he visto personalmente las instalaciones, no se trata de un colegio al uso en el que toda la parcela está edificada, sino un colegio con zonas abiertas y deportivas, están edificando una nueva área y me parece un colegio espectacular.

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