The Australian School of Abu Dhabi (ASAD)
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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

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The Australian School of Abu Dhabi (ASAD) is a unique example of the Advanced Australian International Education System. It is a branch of The Australian International Academy, where the Academy’s Head office is based in Melbourne, Australia. The Academy is made up of four campuses, Melbourne Senior Campus, King Khalid Coburg Campus, New South Wales Campus and Abu Dhabi Campus. At ASAD, we proudly develop graduates who are determined to achieve excellence in all that they do. We encourage our students to develop skills for independent learning and critical thinking. In particular, we use a variety of programmes to promote self-esteem, self-discipline, responsibility and leadership. Over the decades, we have risen to become a leading Muslim school that promotes excellence in all of our diverse programmes. This has been facilitated by our bold vision, excellent teaching staff, robust leadership team and effective administrative structures.





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62 other schools in Abu Dhabi

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Um Zayed, 2 years ago

Personally.. I like the teaching in the school. As in every school.. there are pros and cons.. Admin needs to update their system.. But i think that they can fix any issues needed. Wish them luck.


ACalmSwing V2, a year ago

Ehh, ugly school. A bit of bullying here and there, and disgusting slurs. Plus, they focus way to much on English level and writing. I barely passed.


Fuzzy, 5 months ago

Ok so the thing os this school succs there is constant bullying i hate it ive been there for 4 years and trust me i know from experience and there is litter everywhere and the bathrooms are unsanitary and people smoke all the time in there


Adnan Nasution, a year ago

Constant Bullying in the MYP year level going up, Old school system, Staff smoking in the bathrooms, abusive teachers and disgusting uncooked food. This school should be removed from the website honestly Great education so far but Teachers in the higher MYP year level have bad Grammar and English The school has both Pros and Cons But I would preferably just write them down in a bigger post I was in this school back in 2015 and yet I had the worst experience in my life Constant Racial Slurs and many more things that have affected me throughout my school year I wouldn't recommend it for students who are higher in the MYP year level But I would recommend it for Young students ranging from KG1 - 5 Grade Youre Old student, Abdullah


Boom K8m8, 2 years ago

Not a good school at all. I have experience of this school and it is the worst school I have ever been in. The playground looks like a prison.

62 other schools in Abu Dhabi

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