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St Francis Methodist School (SFMS) is home to a culturally diverse group of students from over 20 different nationalities. We strive to provide a nurturing international learning environment supported by a team of dedicated teachers to develop students to be aspiring and successful young men and women of sound character.

We forge partnerships among students, staff, parents and guardians, and the wider Methodist community, enabling the school to grow from strength to strength,  and enlivening our values of love, humility, integrity and commitment in providing a quality education for every student.





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52 other schools in Singapore

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Hailey Ad, 2 weeks ago

Very worse place! Students there don't like to study! And people are very rude! I can't believe that . Very terrible experience


girl sad, a year ago

I've never seen such a bad school. pls don't come to this school. everything is bad. Teachers, students, foods, staffs, ect are worst in Singapore. I don't recommand it. There are many bully and annoying. we cannot beat them. Because most students are rich. Teachers are useless. Students who is from Thailand and China can't control their anger. Teachers punish poor students. You can't improve your english because they use chinese. It gave me only bad memories....I suffered by it still now.


MALORIE YIH WEN TAN, 3 years ago

I am an alumni of the school, graduated in 2012. I do not recommend this school. It is incompetent in many ways. I hear from past and present students that this place is "good" and "fun". However, it is precisely the lack of competency and discipline that makes it "good" and "fun". There is lack of structural organization and discipline - Most students skipped classes and there was never any consequence. These students were constantly given multiple extensions for their assignment tasks, again, without reservations. Excluding my Math and Accounting teachers at the time, most teachers were not well trained. Lessons were merely descriptive, non explanatory. And when a teacher knew he/she would be absent for a future lesson and advised us that we would receive self study materials/assessments, we would show up to class with nothing planned for us. Also, I never got my assessments returned to me nor evaluated, hence it was difficult to gauge my performance and progress - The school gave termly reports of students' progress, but those were simply a few ticks in boxes. It does not provide a conducive environment, especially during exams where various groups of students taking different exams were placed in the same room. This was disruptive when one group ended their exam prior to the others, there were insufficient invigilators to maintain order. There was also an incident where a teacher mistook an exam schedule and was unable to invigilate. She got another teacher to do so, who was clearly unhappy about it and was yelling at us during the exam. When we provided feedback to the principal, she was ignorant and reluctant to do anything about it. I am unhappy of my experience, not simply because of the system, but due to the overall attitude and perspective of staffs, teachers, and students - Ignorant, impervious, zero passion, slacked, and unmotivated. There are other negatives that I could go on about, but these are the primary ones. Had I known, this is clearly not the platform I would sign up for to be educated, further my studies, and prep me for future endeavors. The lack of resources and discipline meant that I had to rely primarily on myself, which was not always helpful, and thankfully my Math and Accounting teachers. I graduated with an ATAR score of above 90 and third in the cohort, but it would definitely have been less stressful, painful, and frustrating if you have a proper system of education, with good influences and motivators to surround yourself with.

52 other schools in Singapore

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