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Seoul Scholars is a college preparatory private academy that challenges students with rigorous academic programs specifically tailored to prepare them for the demands of higher education abroad. Building upon the diversity of current climate, we aim to prepare students to contribute and thrive in a heterogeneous academic environment. Seoul Scholars will enable students to develop skills to achieve their goals and in turn to be thoughtful leaders in their respective fields and of their generation.

Our mission is to provide stimulating and challenging education that prepares and inspires students for successful academic careers. To accomplish our goal, we put emphasis on rigorous and advanced curriculum.

The development of skills in writing and oral communication, acquisition of mastery in subjects, critical thinking and understanding social responsibilities are all part of the Seoul Scholars education.

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American, English

Primary Language



13 to 18

Max Class Size


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4 Reviews of Seoul Scholars (SSI)

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Overall 3.00
Facilities 3.00
Academics 1.00
Teachers 1.00
Sports 1.00
Music & Arts 1.00
Science & Tech 1.00

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wisconsinbadger, 10/01/2023 @ 01:10:13
Relationship   Teacher

Music & Arts

One of the most corrupted schools known. Grades are always rigged and changed upon request through the administration office. Teachers are mistreated and overworked to the point where the teachers do not do their job adequately. Everything is curved because students do not actually speak English well and only pay the tuition as an easy way in to international colleges outside of Korea. All in all, not worth the money.

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hyung-jung cho, 2 years ago

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Patrick Hong, 2 years ago

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It Heiled last night, 2 years ago

Seoul Scholars International is a school that's ridden with glaring problem that overall lowered the quality of experience there. First of all, let me say that the teachers are amazing, they fight for the students and are constantly happy to answer question and/or counsel. Even the counselors, while busy, are pretty decent. However, the biggest problem lies with the staff. The staff is mostly Korean and just generally seems to have a large disconnect with the student body and teachers. Students and teachers leave frequently between semester because of this. Almost any competent teachers or students who know about the problems at this school with have severe friction with the staff. Another problem lies with the students. While most international schools are truly that, international, SSI is composed of mainly native Korean speaking students who just happen to know English. Many students face clique issues as the English speaking students will find it difficult to make friends. The lack of native English speakers leads to a massive amount of artificial curving of grades, as some grades have been raised 50 points to meet the 88 percent score average. This in turn leads to entitlement, as many of the students simply do not push themselves to try as their grades don't matter. If you're looking for a competent international school, I highly recommend that you should instead spend a couple more bucks and go to a proper international school such as YISS, KIS, SIS or SFS. All my friends who've gone to these say it's great

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