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At Sear Rogers International School we follow the British National Curriculum, leading to IGCSE & A level qualifications. As well as preparing students for university study, our students are equally equipped with skills that enable them to take alternative post-16 routes into further education, vocational placements & courses in HK or overseas, as well as apprenticeships or entry level employment.

The central aim of our curriculum is to provide students with a thorough grounding in all core subjects, whilst allowing them to select subjects of interest at Key Stage 4 (Years 10, 11), and at A level. What makes our curriculum at SRIS stand out is the way we merge the strength of the British National Curriculum with a cutting edge policy and framework from the UK called Every Child Matters.

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6 Reviews of Sear Rogers International School

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Overall 3.00
Facilities 5.00
Academics 4.50
Teachers 5.00
Sports 5.00
Music & Arts 4.50
Science & Tech 5.00

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Chinese (1)

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Reviews from Google

Recent reviews posted on Google.

Google logoRating: 

Hanzo, 9 months ago

the school is disappointing. I expected much more after looking at pictures in their websites and pamphlets and the bus advertisement. You're better off in other international schools like Kellett School and the Island schools, fees are similar but you get more.

Google logoRating: 

Noodle King, 5 months ago

1. High student and teacher turnover rate 2. Poor school leadership 3. Lack of new experiences 4. Inadequate facilities and equipments 5. Favouritism from school 1) High Turnover rate (both students and teachers). Many teachers do not spend more than 1-2 years in this school, they end up going to better schools. Some leave during the academic year, this can disrupt learning in students. Same story for students. Some students starting as year 7 students may not complete their studies here. This alone can tell you how bad the school is. 2) Poor leadership. In the last 4 years, there was a principal who was incompetent in his job. There isn't a teacher i know that likes him. Under him, the good-bad point system (which isn't new, even ESF schools have them) failed and was rendered useless. Recently, in the 2018-19 academic year, a new principal was hired. He was ambitious. He wanted to bring new changes to the school that will "broaden the horizons" of the youth. This included but not limited to : - more authentic school camps - more extra curricular activities - more outing trips (he even considered a Vietnam Trip) He also included other changes that would prove beneficial, including: - E-learning - relaxation of strict phone policy In short, he wanted to improve the school like never before. What happened next? He was fire as principal only 2 weeks after joining the school. Not only they fired someone with a mindset of improving the school, they also fired a competent principal. Great example of poor leadership by those who owned the school, which is stopping the school from improving. 3) No new experiences. Having a wide horizons is very crucial for one's future, and the school barely provides any outing trips, oversees trips, or any extra curricular activities (ECA) that wides the youth's horizons. Yes, there are outing trips and there are ECAs, but there isn't enough of it and most of them are the same every year. There are camps too, but it's the same every year. 4) Inadequate facilities and equipments. -The Library itself is composed mostly of old books and old textbooks. -The Lab lacks adequate materials to conduct experiments (those especially crucial for A-level and IGCSE sciences). -No lockers -No gymnasium, just a small basketball court (if it rains, no PE) -No canteen 5) Favouritism. For some reason, the school treats students and teachers based on ethnicity or academic/job performance. If a caucasian student violates a dress code, he/she can get a way with it, while a caucasian cannot.

Google logoRating: 

The Wasp, 2 months ago

(Sorry guys i had to temporarily take this down, a mother blackmailed me into deleting this review. To the mother who's son is studying in SRIS, GROW THE F**K UP. If you don't like my opinion, then don't. I don't care if you think I'm wrong. Threatening to report to my parents about this if i don't delete it is just childish) As a former student who recently left, this school is not worth going to. Sure, the teachers are good at what they do, and i met many kind students here, but overall i do not like the school itself, based on several reasons: Limited subject choices for IGCSEs and A levels. For IGCSEs, there are only 8 electives; while A levels only have 5 choices to choose from. The school lacks enriching activities. Theres only so much extra curricular activities, there were only around 7 after school activities. School camps are lame. Every year the school goes to the same camp site (with the exception of last year, 2017). They were horrible, we stay in dorms that are poorly made in the sense that the bedsheets aren't comfortable. The camp is "too artificial" and it does not give that much of a "nature" feel. Even if the camps are made compulsary, some students choose not to join. This year (2018), i heard that the new principal was fired because of the changes he brought. Changes that are both good or bad, including the introduction of midterm breaks, introduction of more extra curricular activities (like martial arts), introduction of camps that feel more natural (sleep on tents), introduction of more school trips (the principal even thought of a trip to vietnam), the introduction of e-learning, and the introduction of longer school time and shorter lunch breaks. Sadly, many of these positive changes most likely went along with the principal. Too religious. In almost every speech they will include a christian prayer, or mentions of the word God, or anything in the bible. No respect for other student's beliefs. The school facilities are poor too. There is no gymnasium (the assembly hall is used instead when it rains), a small basketball court, a computer room which is often in disarray and malfunctioning, a school laboratory that lacked adequate resources (only basic elementary experiments can be conducted). The classroom are disorganised, sometimes the floor tiles are broken, and so are the tables and the chairs. Teachers usually do not spend more than 1-2 years in school, there are few exceptions. Those that left went to better schools. At one time (4 years ago i think), around 70% of the teachers left, these teachers spent no more than 2 years in school. The same holds true from students in general. Year 12-13 class have no more than 10 students usually. And finally, the school had a history of "wrongful" practices. It does not seem as serious as you thinks, just some worth mentioning: a) the school uses school pictures for advertising without student's consent. b) racism, only caucasian teachers are included in the photoshoot, even if they wanted to depict a science teacher, they pick the canadian history teacher over the actual science teacher who is nepali. c) the school responded to the previous google review harshly. Instead of learning from it, the school denied everything said and they confronted the year 10-11 classes, attempting to punish the person who wrote the review. d) the school often wastes money on sponsoring noble laureates, sponsoring basketball player, buying advertisement slots on buses. All these money could have gone towards improving the school. e) the school turned itself into a Cambridge/Edexcel examination center, which they are too obsessed with putting their logo's next to their school logo. Like they are boasting, or showing off as if they are a Cambridge sponsored school, when in reality they just hose A levels + IGCSE examinations. So don't be fooled by that. If you wanted more options for your electives, and more enriching extra curricular activities, I suggesst YMCA, ESF schools, Kellet, and other international schools.

Google logoRating: 

White T shirt, a year ago

Primary evidence collected first hand: 1. Learning environment without a wide range of electives to choose from. There is a lack of humanity subjects and no art nor music electives. Students may find it difficult to develop their areas of interest. Poor lighting and noisy fans. 2. New teachers every year. Very few teachers stay more than 1-2 years. Only a few teachers have stayed there for a long time. Some staff members have unprofessional attitudes and use offensive or even explicit language against students. Some of the teachers they have hired did not own teaching liscences during the period they have taught. 3. An Increasing amount of rules that are not necessary in improving the school life of students. Students are not allowed to eat or drink anything in classes or even outside the classrooms. Eating and drinking (anything other than water) is not allowed during breaks either. A teacher dragged a student by the arm all the way to the ground floor's trash bin to make them throw away the food they were eating during break time. 4. Students are not allowed to place their water bottles on their tables. They are not allowed to drink water during class. Getting caught by specific teachers would earn them 'bad points'. 5. Students who receive a certain number of bad points would get a letter of warning sent to their parents. Being late for school would also earn them bad points. A certain accumulated number of bad points would get the student suspended from school. 6. Students are not allowed piercings other than the lobe area. Only piercings no bigger than the lobe is allowed. Boys are not allowed hair longer than the level below their ears. Students are not allowed makeup, but teachers may be biased and allow the students they prefer to wear makeup. Girls with hair longer than chin level are made to tie their hair up even if it may look unaesthetically pleasing. Staff may be biased and allow the female students they prefer to let their down. There is an obvious and clear show of favouritism. All students are required to wear completely black loafers. Some students favoured by staff may get away with wearing partially black canvas shoes/sport shoes...etc. Female students are also not allowed hair accessories other than plain clips. Students preferred by teachers may get away with hairbands, ribbons, headscarves. Students are not allowed to bleach or colour their hair in any manner. Caucasian students were allowed to bleach their hair lighter shades. This may indicate racism. 7. The use of any electronic is not allowed in school. This includes computers, phones, iPods, electronic dictionaries...etc. Students are also not allowed to take electronics out after school. If any student would like to use electronics, they must leave the school campus. 8. There is no computer lab, no science lab, no gymnasium (except for a small basketball court). The school does not host sport meets or teams in which students may compete with other schools. The library only consists of old textbooks from previous students and some donated books. The collection is very small and without a distinctive section for fiction and non fiction. There is a clear lack of resources. 9. There is a makeshift canteen that used to be a seminar room. The school does not provide food of its own, but instead orders from a food provider. The ordered lunches are very bland, cooked beyond the required time, and small in selection. Students below year/grade 11 are not allowed to leave the school campus during lunch to buy their own meals. 10. The office staff may display impolite and unprofessional behaviour. Many teachers that have left the school have spoken their poor review of the school staff. The school operates in an authoritative style with a lack of respect to the student body's opinions.

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