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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

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R.E.A.L. International School Kuala Lumpur has a history that spans 30 years and is an educational institution committed towards transforming students through active learning. Since our establishment, we nurture students to achieve real transformation and success through holistic education of exceptional standards.

R.E.A.L. International School students are engaged in a rich and challenging curriculum from kindergarten to primary and secondary levels in both international and national syllabi. Interwoven into this are robust extracurricular activities and character-building programmes; providing students with a platform to develop natural talents, discover embedded potential and inculcate strong values.




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56 other schools in Kuala Lumpur

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unshaved potato, a week ago

This school has given me a lot of opportunities such as Next Big Chef, charity projects, exchange programs that has inspired me to improve myself to be a better person. The teachers are very caring towards all the students and have been involved with our education along the way. As a science students, I'm not very keen into cooking but with the teachers help and support, my team has walked away with a trophy as a champion in Next Big Chef 2019 organised by UCSI. This news was also shared on the school media.


Serene Sidhu, a week ago

Had the best kindle days back in CEC! Especially the swimming lessons! So glad to see the school progressing so positively!


Pinky Kaur, a week ago

I'm so amazed with the new tech savvy method of teaching in this school! Looking forward to more updates!


James Wong, 2 months ago

I was a student here for 3 years and I decided to write this today to share my experience. Me and my previous classmates agree that whatever we've experienced here, it was the worst thing of our lives. Allow me to further elaborate. First off, majority of teachers there are in my opinion, do not deserve to be teachers. Teachers needs to be caring and willing to assist students in their learning. By no means am I saying paper qualifications are unimportant however the attitudes displayed by teachers towards teaching is terrible. Most of the students lack basic respect for their peers and for their teachers. This is due to a toxic environment where teachers do not respect the students' opinions and their well being. They only like to order students around so they can make the school look good in front of parents and outsiders. Moreover, this school should not be called an international school, majority of students speak Chinese and action taken by teachers has proven ineffective against curbing Chinese speaking in school. Nothing against Chinese, of course this would not be an issue if this were a Chinese school but this is an international school preparing students for an English test Their facilities are also not up to par for the price paid. The school decided to renovate the swimming pool and closed it down for an entire year and in the end, nothing was improved. The equipment in the science lab is not well maintained, whenever we would try to conduct a chemical reaction, we find that all the reactants are oxidized and thus no chemical reactions can occur. The food sold by canteen is terrible, unhealthy and overpriced. The toilets are unhygienic and the walls are filled with dried nasal mucus(boogers).

56 other schools in Kuala Lumpur

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