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Tokyo, Japan 

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Ages Primary Language
1 to 11 English
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At Tspace we have a refreshingly open approach to education, superb curricula and materials, unusual theme studies and an environment unlike any other. Dedicated teachers deliver beautifully planned lessons in an upbeat style that the children adore. For younger children, focus is on communication, sensory stimulation, music and movement, creativity, fine and large motor skill development through play, early literacy, and social skills.





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8 other schools in Tokyo

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Geuko Bosker, 11 months ago

Great school where kids continuously learn to amaze themselves. It really emphasizes on creativity which is one of the core competences of humans that we will need more and more in the future to distinguish ourselves.


Manami k, a week ago

Good school !


JWK, 10 months ago

Heart of gold school, I highly recommend them! They hire top quality teachers and staff.


Megha Mehta, 11 months ago

This school is simply amazing! The staff is very kind, pays attention to detail and offers great advice to parents. My daughter attented private lessons at K space in order to prepare for her interview at another international school and we were really impressed with the results the teachers were able to acheive in a week!


N M, 7 months ago

èż‘æ‰€èż·æƒ‘ăȘèĄŒć‹•ă‚’ă™ă‚‹ă€ăƒžăƒŠăƒŒăźæ‚ȘいèŠȘăŒć€šă„ă€‚ I'm sure this is a great place for the kids, but they need to do something about the people (parents) that go there. When people pick up their kids, they block the whole pedestrian road and won't give way even when asking politely "sumimasen". They park their bicycles everywhere. Many people park their car in the very narrow road in front of the building (where parking is illegal btw), so other drivers cannot pass and have to honk their car horn multiple times to notify the people to come to move their cars. Sometimes the staff will play guitar outside in the early morning very loudly. It's very annoying.

8 other schools in Tokyo

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