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The International British Academy (IBA) was founded as a school in November 2001, to provide a British education for English-speaking students of all nationalities from age three to seventeen. The school started with just 3 classrooms and 35 students.  The school received its recognition from the Philippines Department of Education (DepEd) for its preschool, primary school and high school in early 2006.

The school believes that while striving for academic excellence, it is crucial to bring out what is best in each child.  The competent, dedicated and caring teachers guide students to develop their full intellectual, creative and physical potential with goals of fostering self-esteem, independence, intellectual curiosity and moral character.

The school’s policy is to keep class sizes small (15 to 25 students in primary classes and 15 to 30 students in secondary classes).  Students are introduced to specialised teaching in core subjects: Mathematics, Science and English starting in Year 3.  In addition, specialist teachers instruct students in Music, Art, ICT and Physical Education, from Year 1 to Year 12.  Mandarin is required starting in Year 3 and continues to be a compulsory subject to Year 8.   All classes from Nursery to Year 1 are provided with Assistant Teachers.

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3 to 18

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4 Reviews of International British Academy (IBA)

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Pug Hermit, 2 years ago

Many English!

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Franklin Andaya, a year ago

It is an international school so expect to pay high. The facilities are ok and all class rooms are air-conditioned. The clinic is well stocked and the nurse is always available. Being an international school all employees are speaking English including the security and facilities personnel. There are two types of classes here: regular - following the usual curriculum and the other is for English classes usually offered to Koreans and Japanese students who are here for a short time. They have a basketball court which is also used for other activities. This place will be shutdown soon and will be transferred to a better location.

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Marieana Rosanes, a year ago

Hi! Yeah this school is awesome and it has really amazing students and system, but I have a reason and a right to give my own opinion. This school is a very competitive school and I loved it for that. Competing with different schools couldn't be harder, but to have a winning team they do some really stupid things. Ok, I have to admit, I did some pretty nasty things here but I forgave myself and probably did the people in IBA (by the way I love the Armistice Day there) ok so, this may sound a little crazy but IBA has done crazy things to get to the top. Competed in International contests, made history, have awesome students, and sides with the wrong person. I WAS BULLIED HERE. Yes, I was bullied here. I was physically and emotionally bullied here, but the person who bullied me was so Clever and Wise so, how do I compete with that? This bullying lead me to doing crazy things, I was forced to keep secrets from my parents and I was not myself. This event changed my life and took a turn for the worst. I lost my friends, my parent's love, I lost myself . But the worst thing that happened was I almost got expelled for the wrong reason. I was almost expelled because I was "LYING." I tried to tell the admin, the headmaster, and the faculty the truth but they didn't believe me and tried to expell me. Oh, and another thing... I was in counciling for probably about 2 days and my bully was barely even spoken too. I had a lot of witnesses but the school didn't side with me. I had about my whole class and students from different classes who wanted to be a witness but they closed the case. Of course I wasn't expelled or suspended, I finished my school year, but I was broken. I didn't know why the lie always win with the truth. Now all those years I was thinking to myself, "Why did it happen? Why was no one believing me?" And now I have the answer. My bully was smarter than me, competed in different competitions, and all that. So if the school tried to expell my bully, they would have lost their chance of being globally recognized, but if they dumped me out, they'd loose nothing. I was worthless to them . I know these guys might DENY this accusations but honestly I don't care anymore that event caused me pain yes, but you know what, it made me stronger. Now I'm in the UK, free of suicidal thoughts, re-united with my dad, pursuing my dream of singing, and was part of a school band. So I would personally love to say thank you to the people in IBA, you made me this way, you shaped me and changed me. I hope all the goodluck to you all, and I wish better luck for the new building of IBA in Salawag. #NoToBullying And guys, please just be aware of bullying. (If your saying I'm just bitter because I didn't do well in IBA, think again. I mean I do have a better life here in the UK, and I've put those in my dead past, I really just wanna share this story to raise awareness.) That's all

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Marla Roberts, 9 months ago

Good education... However, the canteen is very hot and its food is overpriced but doesn't taste good, it is extremely hot in the quadrangle (a place where flag ceremonies and other events like prize giving are being held) and overall doesn't feel like an international school but more like a public school. MOST of the teachers here have favoritism. They treat each student differently and force students to pray everyday even if it isn't a Catholic school. Classrooms are very limited. Sometimes, we waste 5-10 minutes of our period finding a vacant classroom, leaving us students exhausted and sweaty because of the extreme heat outside. Bathroom doors are so short that people can peek at you accidentally while doing your business. The armchairs are disgusting, old and vandalized. if your'e unlucky, your chair's legs will break and you get hurt.

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