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Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School is an independent, co-educational school catering for children from Preschool through to Year 12. We are situated on three campuses in Sydney’s lower north shore. Our main campus at Middle Cove is located in beautiful bushland grounds reaching down into Middle Harbour.

Glenaeon embraces Steiner (Waldorf) Education, derived from the insights of Austrian-born philosopher, scientist, artist and educator Rudolf Steiner. We strive to develop the physical, emotional and intellectual capabilities of the developing child through an age-appropriate curriculum that integrates the disciplines of movement, fine arts, and practical arts into the study of humanities, science, mathematics and technology.

Through the development of these capacities, we strive to educate the child in a healthy and balanced manner.

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3 to 18

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10 Reviews of Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Average Ratings

Overall 3.29
Facilities 4.33
Academics 4.33
Teachers 4.17
Sports 3.67
Music & Arts 4.33
Science & Tech 4.17

Reviewer Nationalities

Australian (3) American (1) British (2)

How would you rate Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School?

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Angelique May-Bennett, 5 months ago

I feel extremely fortunate to have attended this school. I wholeheartedly do not know where I would have ended up had it not been for the intense generosity and care of all our teachers. Sure, we had our moments where teachers weren’t ‘perfect’ and there were issues of bullying and discipline, but we were children and teachers were accountable. I also acknowledge that this kind of schooling is not for everyone and particularly difficult for newbies in the older years joining a class that has been a community since the age of 5. Nothing is for everyone, certainly nothing is perfect but this is as close to perfect as we currently have. Steiner said that each community renews anew their approach and it is up to all of us, each person here, to take responsibility to improve. As small and large communities we need to see our contribution. I noticed the negative reviews are from people who have made many negative reviews. I would suggest to take this into account when taking their criticisms in. Glenaeon gave me my approach to every facet of my life but mainly the belief and strength in myself that if I can reflect internally then I can learn. By no means does a steiner education create perfect people, neither students nor teachers (does this exist?) but creates people willing to look within and to community with the hope and courage (willingness) to make a difference, no matter how small.

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Anne Henshaw, 3 years ago

Glenaeon is fine for students who don't rock the boat. My experience was that none of the teaching staff was prepared to be individually accountable, but hid behind the 'College of Teachers' model. One of my children was bullied horribly in class (physical violence) in the presence of teaching staff but the only way I found out was from other students and parents.The teacher didn't think it was necessary to tell me. This led me to the conclusion that they did not take their duty of care for students' safety seriously. I was lied to about their policies and process. Transparency is not their thing. At least it wasn't a few years ago (despite repeated requests they were not prepared to let me see any of their policies). Hopefully things have changed but many of the individuals I dealt with (those entrenched in the Steiner system) had inflexibility as a common trait. If you are considering sending your children to Glenaeon, make sure your research goes deeper than their slick marketing. If academic achievement is important to you I'd suggest you look elsewhere I believe things have changed in the last 10 or so years but that it was hard going. I'm a former Steiner parent and I would not recommend this school. But do the research yourself.

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Honest Review, a year ago

I'll start this review by acknowledging that students have obviously had different experiences with this school, as evidenced by the positive reviews. However I am reluctant to admit that my experience at this school was very negative. I came from a mainstream school and attended Glenaeon for a while, only to discover that I was not accepted by my peer into the year group. The year group was very cliquey - I understood that some of the students there had been there since kindergarten and thus had formed very tight friendships, however they did not seem willing to accommodate new people. The girls at this school did not let me into their group, they did not let me sit with them, they made snide remarks behind my back and gave me judgemental stares. When I tried to talk to them, they dismissed and ignored me. I could not make friends here. When I told the Glenaeon staff about the treatment I was receiving, they insisted it was my fault for being "shy". I was very upset; not only was I being bullied here, but I was being convinced by my superiors that it was my fault. So of coarse, I had to leave this school. I left quickly, I knew that the staff at Glenaeon would try anything to convince me to stay - they clearly wanted my family's money. I hope that Glenaeon now takes bullying more seriously and treats students equally. In my case, they clearly favored students who were there before me and refused to acknowledge the wrong these students did.

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ann smith, a year ago

Not much in terms of teacher leadership and the school is poorly run and disorganised. At least once a week a teacher would not turn up to teach their lesson and there was no temporary replacements either, the kids were unattended for the duration of the lesson. The place had a" Lord of the flies" vibe and the kids were lazy, aggressive and rude. How funny this lot are trying so hard to be less 'mainstream' but instead they come off just like the pretentious and elitist snobs they openly despise. A toxic culture that does more damage than good. Please no smug replies.

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