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GEMS Metropole School Dubai is a private GEMS Education school in Dubai’s Motor City, offering the National Curriculum for England for Foundation Stage to Year 13.

Our school provides a high standard, international education to students from all over the world. Our culturally diverse student-body influences our programme as we tailor the traditional English curriculum to meet the needs and expectations of the modern global student.

The modern global student lives in a world where information travels at the speed of light, and alongside individual cultures is an international culture where knowledge is shared and developed. And it is our goal to prepare the modern global student for the world they will work in … the world of tomorrow.

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3 to 17

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8 Reviews of GEMS Metropole School - Motor City

Average Ratings

Overall 4.37
Facilities 2.67
Academics 2.67
Teachers 2.67
Sports 2.00
Music & Arts 2.00
Science & Tech 2.33

Reviewer Nationalities

Pakistani (1) Indian (1) French (1)

How would you rate GEMS Metropole School - Motor City?

Christophe Berthomier, 23/06/2020 @ 05:59:57
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

The pedagogy is amazing, the structure, outstanding, the overall quality is high and when I observe how much my child learns and is happy to go to school, that speaks volume about the institution. You are just great! Thanks!

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nasik khan, a month ago

Good evening, my name is Nasik. I am speaking from the experience I had when I was in the school. I think that all teachers are friendly and nice. They teach well too. There are great activities too. For example, "the week without walls" gives us skills which we need. When it comes to fees, it is worth every fill you pay. If I could choose which school I want to go to, I would come back to Metropole.

Google logoRating: 

Suzanne Moore, 3 months ago

I would rate Gems Metropole School as one of the best schools. My daughter Hannah-Grace and son Adam have been studying there for the last 3 years and we are extremely satisfied. The school has a very positive, respectful and caring climate with extremely passionate teachers that nurture all students as learners. It fosters a culture of resilience with emphasis not on bouncing back but bouncing forward. My children are very hardworking, in top sets and look forward to going to school daily. The School leaders ensure that each student and parent have an active voice in the school community with great emphasis laid on trusting and caring relationships. My children have formed amazing bonds with the teachers, staff and peers that will go a long way in their future. It’s their home from home. Hats off to all the hardworking staff!! PS: Someone has posted a fake comment by my daughter Hannah-Grace’s name, but did not realise that we don’t speak such poor English as used in the review and my daughter’s name is incorrectly written. In any case, whoever you are, you should be ashamed of yourself!! If you are truthful, you must contact the school to address your issues which I’m sure will not happen as you are fake!! Kindly cease and desist.

Google logoRating: 

Rameen Shehzad, a month ago

This school is very underrated but i think that it is an awesome place to send your kids to. Students in this school learn diversity through all the different cultures celebrated in school.

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M Z, 4 months ago

Great, comfortable, community oriented school. I have 2 children attending Gems Metropole, I see that both my children are attaining high levels of education. They are both being challenged academically and building their self images through a well balanced education. Their teachers are always willing to discuss any concerns and are constantly working to ensure the kids are learning in a safe and fun environment. The leadership team work to the best of their abilities to identify and overcome any parent concerns and are constantly working to create a home away from home environment for the chirldren. Also my kids love the school and are always excited about all the fun activities and events that take place almost weekly !! My children and I would highly recommend Gems Metropole to any parents looking for a high quality, safe and fun education.

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Omar M, 3 months ago

I was secondary student here at GEMS, and this is possibly the best value for money school here in Dubai. It provides alright education and does not tolerate bad behaviour, unlike some other schools. However, the school uses any chance they have to raise prices for fees and other things. The uniform is monopolized and is annoying. The buses are horrible and slow. The teachers are mostly alright. Only one building for the whole school. Secondary students aren't allowed to leave the school during breaks. It's alright, definitely NOT the best school at all. The "modern" thing to make students bring laptops only makes the students lazier and harms education, as well as having the students play games on their laptops. The Arabic and Islamic school departments are a mess. The teachers are unable to properly teach the class, and end up tweaking the students' grades to help then pass. This is applicable to both primary and secondary students. The school has some very stupid rules, such as not being able to use your phone on school grounds. After moving from Dubai, I joined a public school in Europe, which is much better than this private school, and no stupidity here.

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